Friday, 1 December 2017

3 Reasons You Should Invest in an Outbuilding

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An outbuilding might sound like a daft idea but actually, for a lot of people, choosing to add another building at the end of their yard is preferable to building an extension. For one thing, you won’t have to move out of several rooms in your house while the work goes on (and on and on) but the extra advantage is that you can give yourself a little more separation.

For many people who work at home, going outside to their workspace provides the illusion of going to work they need to get their head in gear ready to hit the day running. Though you might assume that outbuildings are ugly and disconnected, if you go with a company like Armstrong Steel, you will have the opportunity to specify exactly what you want from the thickness of the insulation to the color it’s painted.

But you get to decide what happens inside and there could be a few opportunities to make a little side income.

Work From Home

A home office is ideal for working apart from the chaos of your home life. When you work in the kitchen, it can be all too tempting to prevaricate from what you are doing or get pulled into housework instead. When you have this separation between you and the house it means that you can’t be disturbed.

Artists can also use this extra space in a similar way as any outbuilding can be customized to have big windows and skylights to introduce as much natural light as possible. As you have complete control of how the building is laid out and which way it faces, you can ensure that you have the best light all day long.

The Home Gym

The garage has long been a popular space to convert into a home gym but building specifically will mean that you can max out on equipment and space. If you like exercises like dance and yoga, having that extra floor area will give you the space you need to do your thing.

As many of the machines can be quite noisy, moving them out will ensure that no one in the house is disturbed. And you can play you favourite music much louder to motivate you to move faster! If you are business minded, you could also consider opening this space up to your neighbors for a monthly fee.

A Unique Entertaining Space

If you are an entertainer at heart, you could go all out and create an amazing space to have friends over and host networking parties. This is a great idea for business owners for whom entertaining is the best way to get extra income.

Make the space feel luxurious with a high ceiling, plenty of large windows and think about the style of furnishing you like. There’s no reason you can’t add in a bar or small kitchen to really make the most of your opportunities. Again, with a space like this available, you could use it to make a bit of extra income by renting it out for small events.

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