Monday, 11 September 2017

How to use blinds in your home- Velux blinds

You may or may not know that I recently moved into a brand new property with my husband and since then I have been doing some home improvements. Nothing too big, just simple things like painting and adding those homely touches every home needs.

Our house came with blinds in every room, however I really don't them (they're just the standard fabric,vertical blinds) and I would love to purchase some new, 'brighter' blinds. Today I am teaming up with the fabulous Velux blinds to show you some of my personal favourites and how something a simple as a blind can change the feel of your home.

My fave from the website has to be the Roman blinds. I love the detailing and my favourite blinds must be white. I think theyre so clean and give a bright feeling to every home, which is great when you like in a dull weather country like the UK.

Or if you fancy something a little different why not take a look at their new colour collection. Even though I love white I have to admit I do love theme colourful designs too. I like the subtlness and how they can completely change/define a room. My fave here has to be the orange, as it adds so much warmth.

Whilst Velux only offer blinds for roof windows they have some beautiful/unique options which are really well priced and great quality. They're also super easy to fit so you can do it yourself-bonus.

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