Monday, 18 September 2017

8 Things Every Bathroom Must Have

No matter the room in your home, whether it be your bedroom, your kitchen, or indeed your bathroom, there are some things that every room just needs to have. You could live without some of the items on this list, they’re not necessarily essential, but if you want your bathroom to be both inviting and well put together, why would you want to?

1. Shower/Bath
It’s quite obvious that every bathroom needs a shower, a bathtub, or both, it’s what a bathroom is there for. However, that doesn’t mean that mean that these essentials need to be standard and boring. There are plenty of lovely free standing showers and bathtubs, and you can even get a tub which matches the color scheme of your bathroom. Take a look at bathroomtakeaway for some bath and shower options.

2. Shower Curtain
Why choose a plain white shower curtain for your bathroom? It’s boring and discolors easily. Instead, go for one with a pattern or a graphic print that matches the general scheme of the rest of the bathroom.

3. Toothbrush Holder
You could probably live without a toothbrush holder if you really wanted to, but seriously, why would you? It’s much more hygienic to keep your toothbrush upright in a holder, instead of leaving it on a potentially dirty windowsill or cabinet.

4. Matching Towels
Okay, okay, if you live alone, or are relatively young, then matching towels may not be very high up on your priority list. However, having matching towels will make your bathroom look a lot nicer, and will impress any guests (especially your mom) that you happen to have over. Head over to for some great idea.

5. Toilet
You know what this is for and why it’s in your bathroom, but just because its job isn’t particularly nice, that doesn’t mean the toilet itself can’t be. There are plenty of contemporary toilets on the market, even more so online than in stores, so don’t settle for an old, grubby looking one if you don’t have to.

6. Sink
Ceramic bathroom sinks are very prone to getting chipped and stained, so if you are planning to replace your toilet, it might be an idea to replace your sink too. This will ensure that they match, and will freshen up your entire bathroom no end.

7. Trash Can
It’s not necessarily essential to have a trash can in your bathroom, although it would be much more convenient, so you don’t have to remember to take all your empties downstairs to the bin.

8. Mirror
Not only is it incredibly practical to have a mirror in your bathroom, so that you can brush your teeth or do your make up, but it also helps to brighten up the room and make it feel a little bigger too.

Hopefully, this has given you some inspiration if you are planning to redecorate your bathroom anytime soon. Just remember, there’s no need to splash out on a new shower or toilet; A new shower curtain or some matching towels would be much cheaper, and would still make a world of difference.

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