Monday, 11 September 2017

5 Essentials Every Kitchen Must Have

If your kitchen is due for refurbishment or renovation, then it’s time to get creative! The kitchen is the most important room in the house. It’s often the place where everyone gets together, and not just at parties! You need it to be warm and welcoming as well as functional and fully loaded. So here are the five essentials every kitchen must have (and a few extras you’ll love too:)

Oven And Hob

As mealtimes are the most important part of any day, you need to have an amazing oven and hob to cook it. Most of us have a preference for how we like to cook. Gas burners are great, but they can be more dangerous than electric. If you have solar panels and tend to cook during daylight hours, then there is no question which way you want to go! That doesn’t mean you have to have an electric oven though.

Long gone are the days of free-standing grill-oven-hobs. Ugly white plastic surrounds, and that infuriating wobble are thankfully things of the past. Nowadays, the entire kitchen is built-in. That means the oven is stacked with the microwave and grill in one unit, while the hob sits neatly in the worktop somewhere else. It’s safer and looks so much better.

You can choose glass top electric hobs that are very attractive or the traditional gas hob. Some electric hobs look really futuristic with digital displays and touch button control. They change temperature a little more slowly than gas burners, but they’re fine for most home chefs. Add a snazzy hob extractor hood, and the first part of your kitchen is complete.

Kitchen Sink And Taps

There has never been so much choice for kitchen sinks and taps! Ceramics sinks are so beautiful, but granite still seems to be the popular choice when you’ve got a good budget. Of course, if you love the traditional look, you might want to take a look at the Belfast kitchen sinks from Tap Warehouse. If you’ve never seen this style before, you might just fall in love!

You can also enjoy the clean cut appearance of an under mount kitchen sink. These have no raised edges because the countertop sits over the top of it. That means you can just push your mucky bits in when you clean up. Do you like the idea of a waste disposal unit? Then this sink could be perfect for you!

As for taps, the choices are endless. Most people like the idea of the mixer tap so you can achieve the right temperature from one source. The pullout style is perfect for any kitchen because you can accurately direct the spray where you want it to be. Add an LED light feature for extra glam and function.


Granite again wins most of our hearts, but there are plenty of other options that might be more affordable. It’s important to have plenty of worktop space in the kitchen, but if you’re stuck for space then why not combine workspace with eating space? Instead of a kitchen table for meals, you could use a breakfast bar style of design. This is usually placed at the same height as the kitchen worktop, but you can place stools underneath.

Don’t worry about kitchens being dark if you go for a black coloured countertop. You can use LED lights under the cupboards to illuminate everything beautifully. They can even be installed in the kickboards so you can match the floor and worktop with your preferred choice of colour, effect or grain. Of course, it’s important that dangerous areas like the sink and hob are very well illuminated. Choose a light colour for the walls, but don’t be afraid for bolder tones in your splashbacks.


Kitchen floors must be hardy. They have plenty of spills and crummies to contend with, as well as all those feet from you, the kids, and your pets. Hot stuff, sticky stuff, and stuff that stains can all ruin a floor that wasn’t built for the kitchen. Engineered wood can make a really good kitchen floor. It offers a tiny amount of bounce for that plate or cup that you drop, but don’t assume it will prevent breakages.

Ceramic tiles are still a firm favourite because they’re shiny and clean looking. They can be steam mopped, so they’re hygienic. They’re also smooth for those bare feet mornings. However, they are so very cold to stand on in winter, and nothing will save the cup that gets dropped on here. Most tiles are compatible with underfloor heating, so see if this might be right for you.


Built in appliances are usually the same size and specification as their regular counterparts. But they hide away neatly in your kitchen cupboards. If you’re looking for that perfect minimalist look for your kitchen, then your appliances should all be built in. You can choose fridge-freezers, washing machines, tumble driers, and even bins that store neatly out of the way.

Of course, if you want a big American fridge-freezer with ice dispenser, you’re going to need to get a little creative. Many people build them in but don’t give them a cupboard door front. Instead, try to match the colour and finish with something else that is on show, like your extractor hood or oven front.

There are plenty of other extras you’re likely to want in your new kitchen. A filtered boiling water tap is the perfect replacement for the old plug-in kettle. Like any other tap in the house, the water is there on demand, but it is at boiling temperature ready for your tea.

You can also find built-in coffee machines for your kitchen. Perhaps you’d like to wake to the smell of freshly baked bread? Breadmakers sit on the countertop, so they’ll need to be plugged into a standard socket. Don’t forget the humble toaster. Two slices or four slices? I guess that depends on who is coming to breakfast! Love your new kitchen.

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