Thursday, 4 May 2017

Think Massages Are Pointless? Think Again!

A lot of people see a massage as something that is relaxing and pampering, but beyond feeling great when you leave the therapist, they don’t think there are many actual health benefits. Sadly, this is usually because they use a massage as a way to de-stress and nothing else. However, regular appointments with a massage therapist can have some health-boosting effects that will not only make you feel great inside but also the outside.

Types of Massage

There are many different types of massage. From a full massage that works every muscle in your body to Indian head massages that focus on relieving stress from your head and upper back, there is a lot to choose from. It’s important to remember that massages can become very specialised and some will feel quite spiritual. Everything down from the equipment used to the location will feel alien and rather unique and this can sometimes put people off, so always do your research on the types of massage you plan on having. Without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the wonderful health benefits of regular massages.

Managing Pain

At some point in your life, you’re going to experience pains in your muscles and joints. This could be due to old age or it could be due to repetitive strain caused by work or your hobbies. Luckily, regular sessions to a massage therapist could do wonders for your pains. Not only does massaging the muscles help relieve pain and tension, it can also deal with the stiffness that’s usually attributed to growing older.

Boosting Immune System

Many studies have shown that, due to the stress-busting effects of a massage, it can actually boost your immune system. This is massaging increases the number of white blood cells in your body which ultimately lead to a stronger immune system. If you feel like you’re stressed out on a regular basis and could do with the little uplifting, then consider going for a massage.

Beating Headaches

As mentioned before, there are special facial massages that specifically target issues such as migraines and headaches. Just a couple of minutes per day doing a facial massage at home could be enough to reduce the pains you feel in your face. This is a technique that can be learned at home and utilised anywhere from the office to public transportation. Of course, it’s not as effective as getting a facial massage from a trained therapist, but it’s a useful technique to learn.

Look Young

Massages are great at staving off the signs of ageing. This is because massages help to increase blood and oxygen circulation around your body, and if you target the face, then it helps to plump up the skin, reduce wrinkles in the future and ultimately make you look younger. Massaging the face stimulates the removal of toxins and excess fluids, giving you a bright and glowing complexion in the morning and making you rely less on makeup that will eventually damage and age your skin more quickly than natural treatments.

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