Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Five Tips to Make Your Bathroom Look Luxurious

The last thing we want to come home to is a dirty shower or bath when we just want to relax, unwind, and soothe our muscles. No one wants to get their elbows working to clean up a shower or bathtub after a long and hard day at work—all we want to do is relax! We also don’t want to have our bathroom looking nasty, cluttered and full of junk.

Out of all the rooms in our house, the bathroom is probably the one place that gets used the most (apart from your bedroom) yet we rarely ever spend time renovating or improving it. It’s just a room that naturally gets used a lot but for some reason, we never try to upgrade it and rarely take care of it. If you want to improve your home, then you need to think about every room in the house including the bathroom! To help you out, here are five easy tips to make your bathroom look luxurious and pristine.

Wash the shower curtain and window

If your shower relies on a curtain, then make sure you clean it on a regular basis. It can easily harbour nasty odours and bacteria, and the last thing you want is to step into the shower and smell something funky. In addition, make sure you get some shower screen cleaning products if you don’t use a curtain and ensure the screen is nice and clean so you don’t feel like you’re cleaning yourself in a box surrounded by dirt and grime.

Keep clutter out

We all love to read books and magazines on the toilet, but keep them out of the bathroom—they don’t belong there! Get rid of any clutter you don’t need and keep things like cleaning products stored on a shelf or in a cabinet if possible. If you don’t have much storage space in your bathroom, then consider installing a shelf or two.

Organise your toiletries

And what do you place on the shelves? Toiletries of course! If you have lots of healthcare products or beauty items, then make sure you bundle them up into proper groups. For instance, keep all of your skincare products in one bundle, keep things like medication away from the sink, and keep all dental care products near the sink.

Get rid of the bar soap

Bar soap can leave nasty residue where you place it. Unless you enjoy cleaning out the soap dish every few days, stay away from bar soaps and replace it with a hand wash bottle. For bathroom and shower soaps, just get gel or creams instead.

Beat moisture

If you don’t have a window in your bathroom, then make sure the exhaust fan isn’t clogged out and leave the door open after a hot shower to let the hot air escape. If possible, wipe down the shower walls, tiles and ceilings with a sponge or something absorbent to help prevent moisture buildup. If left for too long, it can easily develop into mildew which looks gross and prevents your bathroom from ever look luxurious.

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