Thursday, 11 May 2017

Cheap Ways to Give Your Garage a New Purpose

Garages are often seen as additions that people need when they own a vehicle. However, most of us don’t like to actually use the garage we get with our home because it’s typically unneeded. We still have the driveway and a parking space on the road, so waiting for our doors to open and close in the morning can get tiresome when we just want to get on with our day and go to work.#

Perhaps you’ve recently moved home and you’re trying to find a use for your garage, or maybe you’re thinking of buying a new home and you’re actively trying to avoid a home that comes with a garage. Whatever your position, here are a couple of cheap ways to put your garage to good use.

Storage Space

This is the most obvious use of your garage, but many people simply dump things in the garage and forget about it. Your garage is spacious and the main shutters meant for your car give it a wide access point for you to store furniture, large boxes and other appliances that you’re keeping for one reason or another.

Although it’s never a good idea to hoard things in your home, keep in mind that your garage has a lot of space and you can keep pretty much anything inside of it. You could store typical things and keep them there until you know what to do with it (or finally muster up the courage to sell your unwanted items) or you could put in a bit of money and work to add shelves, boxes, or even doors and cabinets to have an easier time sorting out your possessions.

The garage also makes a great storage area for when you’re trying to declutter the rest of your house in order to prepare it for renovations. It can act as a storage buffer, a place to put all your appliances and furniture that you’ll be using in the future after you clean out and refurbish some rooms in your home. Using your garage as storage is cheap, doesn’t require extra money, and puts it to good use.

Use the Garage

This point seems a like bit of a cop-out, but there’s a legitimate reason to this. Although it does take a bit of time waiting every day and evening for your shutters to open, there’s a reason why you should try and use your garage: to lower your insurance costs!

Once you start using your garage, tell your insurance company straight away because it can actually reduce the costs of your payments. Insurance companies like it when car owners take security seriously. Whether it’s installing a car alarm, motion lights around your garage, or simply keeping your vehicle in a safe and secured location when it’s not in use, your car company will love you for it and happily reduce the costs of your insurance.

Make sure that you get the best roller doors your money can buy if you want to take security seriously. You don’t want cheap and flimsy doors that can easily be opened from the outside or broken. Keep your fancy new car safe, invest a bit of money to show your car insurance provider you’re serious, and enjoy the benefits of paying less to maintain your vehicle.

Move Your Home Office

More and more people are starting to realise the benefits of working at home, but a very common problem they all face is being distracted. It’s far too easy to switch on the television and get carried away while working, and being bothered by needy children can also distract you and eat into your productivity time.

In order to counter this, at-home workers are starting to set up special locations in the home that they call their home office. However, despite all their attempts at trying to separate themselves from the rest of the house, it’s hard when the room isn’t physically separate.

Enter the garage, a completely separate room that is isolated from the rest of the house. You can use this empty space to store your desk, computer, network connectivity, then start working in peace and quiet. Setting up a separate room has a lot of benefits for anyone that works from home, and it’s great even for children who want a quiet place to study, or even artists who need a lot of room to practice their hobbies.

It doesn’t take much money since all you’re really doing is moving your existing desk and computer to another part of the house, and it essentially frees up a room to do whatever you want with—it’s the perfect way to become more productive at home and free up extra space inside your main building.

Treat It Like Another Room

If you really don’t want to use your garage for its intended purpose, then why not treat it like any other room in your house? This works best if you have a door inside your home that leads to the garage, but it’s fine if it’s a completely detached building as well. As mentioned above, you could turn it into a home office, but you could also turn it into another bedroom, a gym room, a place for your children to play, or even a guest cabin if you invite friends and family over.

The only consideration you have to make that will make your decision permanent is if you want to remove the garage door. If you turn your garage into a playroom or a bedroom, then your typical garage door is not going to be fit for those purposes. It will let in cold air during the summer, it will let pests and rodents in more easily, and it’s best to simply fill it with a proper wall and have a door installed.

A great way to get started is to simply match the walls and flooring for the rest of your house. It’s best to hire a contractor for this, and although it can get a little pricey compared to the rest of these ideas, it’s ultimately worth it to add a whole new (and rather spacious) room to your house. The only consideration you have to make is how it affects the value of the home in the future if you plan to sell it.

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