Saturday, 20 May 2017

Bedroom Improvements That Add Style and Function

If you’re due for a home improvement soon, then how about making your bedroom a priority? After all, you spend a third of your life in your bedroom (albeit sleeping) so why not invest a little time, money and effort into it? Whether you’re doing your own DIY renovations or hiring a contractor, here are a couple of bedroom improvements you can perform to add style and function.

Replacing the bed

So this isn’t so much of a renovation as it is an upgrade. However, it’s something that you should keep in mind because replacing the bed not only paves the way to a completely new bedroom feel, but it also adds a lot of style if you replace the mattress, the bed itself and the bed linen. Vi-Spring beds make an excellent luxury addition to your home if you’re trying to add comfort, and they’ll guarantee that you get a fantastic night’s sleep no matter how tired or poorly you feel. Wake up feeling fresh and new again with a new bed—it’s totally worth the price!

A new wardrobe

Clean out the wardrobe and make way for something new! If you’re serious about giving your bedroom a makeover, then don’t forget to clean up those dusty drawers and give your storage a shake-up. This is also a fantastic time to throw out or donate any of your old clothes that you no longer wear. Remember that ugly sweater someone bought you for Christmas that’s hiding somewhere? Yeah, you can get rid of that and replace it with something more elegant that you’ll actually wear! You’ll be surprised at how practical a couple of extra shelves or racks to hang things can be, so don’t neglect the importance of renovating your storage!

Removing electronics

If your bedroom doubles as your home office or workstation, then consider moving it out. Not only does this give you more space for bedroom things such as another wardrobe, more storage or a display shelf, it’s also a practical way to help you get more out of your working time and sleep. How does this work? If you work in your bedroom then you’ve probably had countless nights where you simply fall into bed as soon as you’re done with work. By moving your electronics away from your sleeping nest, you don’t associate work with tiredness or sleep and you’ll be more productive knowing that you have to get up and go to bed instead of turning around and planting your face into the mattress.

Windows and curtains

Your windows and curtains might not seem like a practical or particularly stylish thing to upgrade, but there are plenty of ways to make it work for you. For starters, curtains add a lot to a room if done correctly. They should mix well with the rest of your bedroom’s colour palette, and if you’re concerned about privacy or heat at night then they should be thick enough to block solar rays that warm up your bedroom. In addition, you’ll be keeping your windows open for most of the upcoming hot summers, so make sure you aren’t skimping on replacing the windows so that they look nice and let in plenty of sunlight to brighten up your room.

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