Thursday, 6 April 2017

Revamp Your World!

Now we are getting into the spring season, that old nesting instinct tends to come out, and we want to spring clean and overhaul our living spaces. But with so many ideas, guides and tutorials out there where do we begin? Well, check out the suggestions for revamping your home and garden in 2017 below, to get you started.

Get Smarter


The first idea to consider when you want to revamp your home in 2017 is to get a little smarter. No that doesn't mean you have to start studying and reading a load of books! Instead, why not make your home itself smarter?

You can do this by using smart products that all connect up to a home hub. That means you can easily control things like the temperature and lighting in your home, with just a push of a button.

In terms of lighting, if you get more than one smart bulb per room, you can even create lighting scenes that match your mood, or the tone of the film you are watching at the time. Making a smart hub, something that can make a massive difference to the feel of your home, that is very easy to install and control.

Lighten Up

Traditionally spring is the time when we choose to repaint the rooms in our home that are looking a little worse for wear. It's amazing the difference, a lick of paint can make on the walls, even on the woodwork and door frames in your house.

If you decide to go for this, then think carefully about the colours that you will use. Bright white is bang on trend at the moment and will make your home seem light, airy and clean.

Other lighter colours such as pastel shades are also very in right now and are a good choice because they can give a lift to a darker or smaller room, while still giving off a fairly soft vibe.


More Water


Now, if you are more about revamping your outdoor space, rather than you indoor space, a fairly easy way of doing this is to install a water feature like a fountain or a pond. Not only will they look amazing, but they can be a very relaxing feature to have while you are spending time in the garden.

However, you do need to think about the type of water feature that is going to suit your garden best. For example, if you have young children it might be better to go for a fountain instead of a full pond.

You will also need to work out the budget for installing and running a water feature before you decide to go ahead with your project. Don't forget to factor in the cost of a quality pump like the ones from Oase. Which will help your feature stay clean and fresh and looking its best.

Embrace The Green

Lastly, if you love the inside and outside space equally then why not merge them together? You can do this by bringing plants and foliage indoors.

Cacti and succulents are a particularly good choice as not only will they thrive indoors, but they will also make your home green and lush.


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