Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Be Money Smart: Are You Wasting Money Every Week?

You’re just browsing. You have no intention of buying anything. But then you see that one special thing and you just can’t resist. So you buy it, and you don’t look at it again for a few weeks. It’s only when the bills are due and you see a long list of impulsive buys that you start to think you might have a problem.
We all like to treat ourselves now and again, but when we have limited funds it’s important to make sure we’re not splurging on things we don’t need. Here are some suggestions where you could save money and, eventually, you may still be able to indulge in an impulse buy in the future.
Go green
Of course, household things like water, electricity, and a broadband connection are necessities, but you can trim the fat by making your home green. Unplugging all your unused electrical devices, air sealing your home, or switching to LED lightbulbs can reduce your energy consumption, saving you money on your bills and helping the environment. Going paperless and receiving your bills online can also save you a few dollars per month.
DIY whenever you can
Sometimes things break around the house, or drains get blocked. If it’s nothing too serious, then save money by not calling a professional and doing your own home repairs. DIY isn’t just limited to fixing things around the house either. You can make your own cleaning products, which aren’t as harsh on the skin as chemical products.
Budget your beauty regime
Inevitably, you will have to buy new things each season, such as fresh makeup, summer clothing, or skincare products. You’ll have to get creative, but you can save money and still have a fresh look each season. If you’re good with a needle, you can repair and recycle your old clothes to give them an updated look. There are plenty of home remedies online for face masks, or hair products, which only require things you’d put on your grocery list. Check out Raeanne's tips on controlling your budget for more beauty hacks.
Shop smarter
Buying food on a budget is a struggle for a lot of people for various reasons. Fortunately, there are several ways to reduce your food bill each week, including shopping for cheaper store brands, buying non-perishables items in bulk, or sticking to a shopping list. You can also save money on food by avoiding takeaways, packing a lunch to take to work, or freezing your leftovers to eat them later. The best thing you can do to keep your grocery bills low is to find ways to reduce the amount of waste food you throw away this week.
Check your luxuries
Some luxuries are essential, because they are small rewards to keep you motivated throughout the year. However, you should make sure they’re worth the money you pay for them. If you only go to the gym every once in a while, then don’t pay monthly for a membership.

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