Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Hair extensions/wigs

* Now I am sure all of you know I used to be a big fan of hair extensions (clip-ins mainly although I have tried a weave and mirco bead extensions). Something you may not know is a few years ago I shaved my hair, yes you did hear me correctly. Whilst my hair was growing out to a suitable length I was a huge fan of wigs. I owned one in blonde,red and brown so one for every occasion and mood. I think wigs are amazing for anyone fancying a change but wanting to commit, although I do advice buying a good quality wig so the hair will look natural;check out the link below. As you can see in the photo her hair looks amazing and natural (if only my hair looked like this). Nowadays I prefer the natural look and I am growing out my hair from a pixie cut (cue the awkward mullet style) and lately I have been cotemplating purchasing some extensions to help me grow it out (my hair is also super thin/fine which doesn't help) but I just think they wouldn'y look good, maybe I should try a cool wig??

more virgin hair product from DreamWheatHair.com


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  2. You are looking so cool! I am also big fan of wigs especially synthetic lace front wigs, these are absolutely amazing!