Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Festival Fashion: What's Your Style?

Image: Flickr

We’re finally over the worst of the winter weather, and springtime is edging ever closer. Now is the perfect time to start planning ahead and start thinking about updating our summer wardrobe. Music festivals are always a great way to show off our individual style, but do you know yours? Here we’ve rounded up a few looks to try out for next season.


Romantic and boho styles are usually floaty, feminine and inspired by vintage fashion. Think flower garland hair bands and ditsy patterned maxi dresses. This hot pink fanny pack is great for festivals and handy for looking after your funds, hands free. You’ll want to complete your look with a floppy fedora and henna hand tattoo.


The rave look is definitely not for shy and retiring types. This particular festival goer loves a good psychedelic print and splashes of color wherever possible. Complete the look with lycra leggings, reflective shades and an arm full of glow sticks. Ravers love to stand out from the crowd, so any clothing that reflects in the dark is perfect. Hairstyles vary from colorful beaded styles to dip dyes and full on dreadlocks.

Image From Wikimedia


An Indie girl likes to keep it casual. A band t-shirt and frayed denim shorts are her staple signature look. Throw on a leather jacket, studded bag and you’re good to go. Or keep your look feminine but with a balance of grunge by wearing a floral mini dress with tough old lace up boots.

Happy Glamper

Taken from the word ‘glamping’ (glamorous camping), this type of girl doesn’t do mud. You’ll find her in a caravan nearby sipping on the bubbles. In terms of personal style, designer shades are a must, or at least some bejewelled version. The tan must be topped up and accessories are crucial. Her preferred clothing includes a gilet, black leggings and sparkly wellies.

Image: Pixabay

Carnival Queen

The carnival goer loves a display of color and feathers as she struts through the streets. For her it’s all about being flamboyant and having a good time while listening to the steel pan sounds of the caribbean. The brighter the better as far as she’s concerned. Accessories are essential, preferably of the diamante variety. Don’t forget a sprinkle of glitter for good measure!


Festivals have a way of bringing out our inner bohemian. This type of style consists of feather earrings, crochet tops and lots and lots of fringing. Boho lovers are partial to a wide legged harem pant and unique jewelry like ethnic threaded necklaces. If this sounds like you, places like Ibiza and Coachella make for the perfect summer. 

Of course, not everyone fits into these categories. It’s a bit of fun to loosely represent the different looks and styles you’ll find at various music festivals. This summer, why not experiment with a new look and take from different trends to mix it up a bit. Just have fun with it and you may even discover a new favorite look.


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