Thursday, 24 November 2016

Timeless Design Features That Make A Home Infinitely More Sellable

The issue of timelessness in art is an interesting one. For most people, the techno music of the eighties is well and truly consigned to the dustbin of history. Yet Shakespeare, Rembrandt, and Michelangelo remain as powerful today as they ever were in the past.

When it comes to selling our homes timelessness is important. You can sell your house with the help of real estate agency. But including timeless features will make doing so a lot easier.

So what are these so-called timeless features? Let’s take a look.

Focus On Classical Styles

The Greeks had an eye for beauty. More than any other culture in the ancient world, they understood the power of the aesthetic. Just look at their stunning buildings and dazzling sculptures.

You can incorporate Greek architecture into your own home. Columns, stripes, busts and statues all work really well in home interiors. Keep things simple, and focus on neutral shades like white and cream. Let the artistic features speak for themselves.

Avoid Fads

There can be a tendency among some homeowners to buy into all the latest trends and fads. Think 1970s wallpaper, or 1960s lino. Timeless design features transcend these transitory fads. They’re often understated, sophisticated, yet simple. There’s no need to try to make a bold statement because they features have a beauty all to themselves.

One of the ways many homes achieve timeless design is to bring elements of past, present and future together. Recently, we’ve seen interior designers experimenting more with mixing old materials with new. For instance, many designers are now combining modern glass fascias with antique wooden underlays.

There’s nothing to stop homeowners from pairing a piece of modern contemporary art with a neutral wall. Likewise, some are choosing to incorporate antique furniture in rooms with modern, functional designs.

Prioritize Function Over Form

The best timeless designs are functional and quietly confident. They don’t bother with oversized or puffy features. Instead, they focus on all the elements in the room that are useful to their occupants. That’s not to say that style doesn’t matter: it does. It’s just that style always plays second fiddle to function when it comes to timeless design features.

Take kitchen design, for instance. Here you might be tempted to go with the color of the year. But these colors are usually bright, vibrant, and difficult to incorporate into a classical design. The best solution for a timeless kitchen is to focus on autumnal colors, vintage equipment like copper pans, and rustic furniture. Timeless kitchens are neutral, clean but in their own sense, classical.

Make Staying Power A Priority

Some home features go well in both older and newer homes. Take hardwood flooring for instance. This was a staple of high-end flooring in the past, and it remains so today. Part of the reason for this is the fact that hardwood is still relatively expensive, unlike many other modern flooring materials. But the main reason is that is it a superior form of floor covering compared to practically every other material out there. The fact that it doesn’t age, or isn’t associated with any particular period in history is a benefit too. Buyers will love it.

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