Thursday, 20 October 2016

Thinking of Giving Yourself A Salon Treatment At Home? Three Concerns You Can't Overlook

Too frequently, you find yourself wanting to do something but not having the time to do it. You have work, family responsibilities, and household duties to attend to. You know your hair is not at its best, or that your nails need a new coat of gel, but the schedule doesn't lie. There's no time for it.

You then decide you have two options. You can decide to wait, with your roots showing or your hair ends going untrimmed. Your teeth an off-white, almost yellow colour. Your nails unpolished or worse yet, chipped.

Or... you decide to do it for yourself.

The latter option is increasingly popular. Not only do most drug stores carry the supplies to let you do it yourself, but they are generally less expensive than the in-salon options. So you decide to take the plunge - what's the harm, after all?

There's potentially quite a lot.

1. Safety Concerns

With products like teeth whitening treatments, you're not playing with benign chemicals here. These require stringent safety regulations which it's unlike you will strictly adhere to. If we're honest, how many of us read the whole leaflet and refer to it? These chemicals are potent and should be treated as such, so handling them with no qualification to do so is a bad idea. You could permanently injure yourself because you don't know what you're doing. Professionals are trained to deal with these elements and to deal with any subsequent issues.

The same applies with colouring your own hair. There are chemicals found in at-home dye products that can trigger severe allergic reactions, even if you do a patch test.

2. Health Concerns

Not only can you cause an acute problem in the moment, but these kits also pose a long-term threat. Even if the first application seems to be okay, by continuing to use them, you're doubling down on the risk.

One good example of this is with gel nails. Removal of gel nails seems like the kind of thing you should be able to do at home, but the cost can be extreme. You can chip, damage or weaken your nails through repeated bad removal. A technician who is actually trained to do this will know how to remove gel so that the nail bed beneath it is undamaged. Just because you can do it does not mean that you should; there's a reason people get qualifications in these areas.

3. Efficacy Concerns

If you decide to try and dodge the bullets of health and safety concerns, there's still the end result. If you're not happy with a result from a salon or clinic, you can ask them to fix it until you are. If you do it for yourself, it's up for you to fix - and you might not have the knowledge to do that. You are extremely unlikely to get the same results on yourself as someone who is working separately from you, with a full view without a mirror.

Is the risk worth it? In our opinion, no. Some things should be left to the pros, for your health as much as anything.

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