Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Look After Your Skin - Don't Let The Details Bring You Down

We spend so much time honing our physiques that we expect to like what we see when we look in the mirror. All the hours in the gym or at home, the blood, sweat and tears - it really feels like we've already done the hard work. When we're in a routine and our physique is reflecting that, it should be job done - right?
Nope! It seems unfair to still have things we want to change, things that we can't defeat with exercise and clean living. But we all get them; those little conditions which damage the way we feel about ourselves. It doesn't matter if we're toned and in shape if our eyes suddenly travel to a problematic area. It's not possible to get the perfect body, but we want to get closer to it - and that means eradicating all those little flaws.
Not too sure what I mean? The below can hit anyone of any age, at any time. Some are a direct consequence of exercise. They can all suck your self esteem from you and make you feel like this is a battle you're never going to win.
So rather than dwell on them and abandon the fitness routine, best get cracking with fixing them.
1. Skin Blemishes
When we workout, we tend to sweat a lot. A side result of this, facially, is that we end up being more prone to acne than someone who doesn't work out. The sweat dirties and clogs our skin, and suddenly we're like a teenager all over again.
The solution is to use sweat bands and keep hair tied back. Use an oil-free moisturiser so you're not added more hassle to the problem. Use a light exfoliating product after exercise to stop dead skin cells building up on the scene.
2. Varicose Veins
They may seem like the preserve of the elderly, but varicose veins are genetic in nature - so you can be hit with one at any time. They are unsightly, and can be unpleasant to experience.
If you notice visible varicose veins beginning to form, speak to an expert about it. Diets that are high in fiber and low in salt are also thought to be effective, so make a switch and see if it helps.
3. Keratosis Pilaris
More commonly known as chicken skin, this is found on the upper arms and torso. The skin is somewhat raised and, as you'd expect, has a texture similar to chicken skin when touched. It's a benign condition in most cases, but it's definitely unpleasant to look at.
Exfoliating is your friend here, with natural options to the top of the list. Dead sea salt mixed with coconut oil can reduce the appearance, finished off with a moisturizer for full benefit. The condition goes somewhat hand-in-hand with dry skin, so it's worth using oil for cleansing rather than soap. Also avoid taking showers or baths that are too hot, as this can make things worse. Go for tepid water and you should see a reduction.
With those busted, you can start to feel fabulous in every way again!

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