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What Style Of Dress Is Best For Your Body Type?


There are so many different body types that sometimes it’s difficult even to work out which you are. Two women with hourglass figures can come across as having entirely different builds. Two sporty types might vary drastically when it comes to height and weight. We’re here to help with our ultimate guide to figuring out your body type and the best dress to suit it.



Straight is the most common body type for women. This body type is often referred to as the “ruler” or “rectangle”. If you have a straight body type, your hips and bust are balanced, and your waist isn’t very defined naturally. Women with this figure often tend to gain weight around their torso first, then their upper thighs and arms.

The best way to dress for this figure is to maintain the balance of your hips and waist by dressing the top and bottom half of your body proportionally. Then focus on accentuating your waist. Dresses with cinched waists or tight belts are perfect for this. Look for dresses that dip in at the waist but have ruched or embellished bust and hips.



The hourglass is a traditionally coveted body type for women. It can be created by using corsets and waist trainers. However, if you’re lucky enough to have this figure naturally, you should dress to show it off accordingly. The hourglass shape means that your bust and hips are well balanced, and your waist is very defined.

When it comes to clothing an hourglass figure, it is important to really accentuate your waist. Look for dresses that have cinched waists and full skirts. Show off the rounded curve of your waist going into your hips.



The pear body type looks exactly like the name suggests. You have a more narrow frame above the waist; then the waist gradually slopes out into well-rounded hips. Sometimes this is also referred to as a triangle body.

The most effective way of dressing this body type is to add more volume above the waist. This will balance your lower half well. Think shoulder pads, princess sleeves, and flutter sleeves. Floaty, billowing sleeves are great for summer and will add a feminine vibe to your ensemble.

Inverted Triangle

This body type is essentially the reverse of the pear. Your upper body will be proportionally larger. Chances are you have broad shoulders, a large chest, and a wide back. This tapers down into a slim waist.

Again, the key to dressing this body type is balance. Even out your proportions, by adding layers that will accentuate the curve of your hips. Your legs are probably your best feature, so flaunt them. Don’t be afraid to try out miniskirts and shorter cut dresses.


The oval body type consists of a waist that is larger than the bust and hips. You will have narrow shoulders, a full waist and narrow hips. There’s a good chance that your legs are slim and something to be proud of.

When it comes to finding the perfect dress for this figure, you will be looking to find fabrics and cuts that reduce the appearance of your midriff. Square or scoop necked tops will be flattering and peplum dress will flare out at the hip, to draw more attention to your hips. Consider purchasing a well tailored shirt dress with wide set collars, a tight waist and a flared bottom.


If you have a spoon body type, you have a similar frame to the hourglass, but your hips have more of a shelf-like quality about them. While the hourglass frame slowly slopes out onto the hips, a spoon will have a notably drastic transition from waist to hips.

With this body type, you have a wide range of dress fits that will flatter you. Strapless dresses will be particularly lovely. Dresses with wrap tops will look pretty and gracefully flutter over your hips.

Have confidence

Whatever body type you have, embrace it. Experiment with different styles, fabrics, and cuts of dress. You’ll be bound to find one that suits you and once you have it, hold on to it. Make the cut of dress your signature style and purchase accordingly. Research your body type further. See which celebrities share your figure and take note of how their stylists dress them for big occasions. You can pick up tips and tricks from them, as well as inspiration when you see them gracing the red carpet.

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