Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Make A House Feel Like Home With This Unmissable Advice!

When looking for a new home, it’s easy to walk around a zillion properties and feel like they all look the same. It can often be off-putting as you want a house which is unique and extraordinary. And then even when you choose a house, the owner has likely decorated it to their tastes which might not be the same as yours. Therefore, it might not feel like your home when you move into the property. However, you can make the house feel like home with this unmissable advice.

Focus on your personality

You can make a house unique to you by adding in touches of your personality throughout the property. It’s simple to do as you can focus on each room and think of ways you want to change it up. For example, if you are an art fan, you might want to add beautiful pieces of art that you love to the hallway. Or if you love taking photos, you should consider adding your favorite photos you have taken in the bedroom. And as this feature says, you could add a personalized doormat and some cute pillows to make the home unique to your personality. It will make guests smile when they come over as they will feel like the house reflects what you love. By making these changes, you will love living in in the property, and it will feel more like your home.

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Custom-build a home to your style

If you are struggling to find a house that feels like home, you could consider custom-building a home to your style. That way, you can make the house unique and personal to you, so that it stands out from the crowd. You can find many companies such as Enso Luxury Home Builders who can custom build to your plans. They will be able to create a layout which you can look over and ensure it’s perfect for you. That way, you will love living in the property and won’t regret making your choice.

Add in pieces of your history

It’s time to get those pictures out from the past and display them in your new home. Bringing in some pieces of your history will make your home feel more unique to you. You might want to display some awards and certificates on the walls that are specific to you. Also, you can display heirlooms in your bookcase to make your house feel more like home. When you look at them, it will make you smile and you will feel comfortable in the property. But remember as this feature reveals, add more books than heirlooms so that it doesn’t look too cluttered!

Decorate in your favorite colors

A lot of the time a house doesn’t feel like a home because it’s been decorated in colors that you hate. Therefore, it’s time to get your paint brushes out and decorate in colors that you adore. Don’t be afraid to use bright colors that you love because you are worried about what others say. It can give a room character and texture by choosing a vibrant color. Therefore, go for your favorite colors and you will love living in your new home!
You will be surprised that a house will feel like home once you have got some statement furniture...

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  1. I'm not very into loud pieces, although I would spend money on comfort furniture because you're going to spend a lot of time in your arm chair or sofa and I'd also spend on storage to make sure that my home stays neat and organized