Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Want To Turn Your Passion Into Something More? Here's How To Get Started

We all want to be able to do what we love for a living. Some of us get that opportunity each day. But how are those people different from anyone else? How did they get to turn their passion into something more than just a hobby? It’s easy; they just chose to give it a go. Now I know there is an element of risk, and success doesn't happen overnight. But that doesn't mean you can’t get started now.


Your passion could be anything. It might be wanting to make money out of your love for fashion, or it might be wanting to try the latest beauty products. Perhaps your passion is creating alternative makeup looks, or you just love being creative. This might mean you enjoy writing, or like creating video content. Whatever your passion maybe there isn’t anything wrong with wanting to make more of it. Perhaps earning money from it, or even turning it into a fully fledged business. So if this is something you have fancied doing for a while, then read on to find out how best to get started.


Workout what your niche is

The first thing anyone needs to do when it comes to making more from a hobby or interest is to workout your niche. This is where you consider what area your passion may fit into. For example, if your passion is for cooking is your niche in the recipe creation; the overall look of a dinner. Or are you passionate about sharing tips and tutorials? If beauty is your thing are you wanting to tell the world about the best products people can use, or are you more for trying things out yourself. Perhaps creating your own beauty line one day. While it’s not essential to know what the end goal is, it’s recommended to have an idea if where you want to go and what you want to achieve. It’s easy then to determine the best next steps for you.


Create a social media following

Social media is one of the biggest ways you can get your passion in front of people. It’s easy to get started. All you need to do is set up a profile on some of the more mainstream platforms. So consider Instgram, especially if your passion is more visual. Or head to the most popular choices being Facebook and Twitter. Before you go ahead and post anything think long and hard about how you want to come across. This is the start of the future, so think about how you will present yourself to the world wide web.


Set up a blog

Anyone will tell you. If you are passionate about something, then tell the world. While social media is great for instant gratification, sometimes those 140 characters on a Twitter post just won’t cut it. This is where a blog can be a great way to get your point and passion across. It can be a great stepping stone to lead on to the future. In regards to a website. If you are unsure of how to start things off there are some great tutorials online. The main blogging platforms most people would recommend would be Wordpress or Blogger. Both of which are user friendly with a workable interface. A blog is quite a personal thing, but sometimes it’s worth heading over to other bloggers sites for a little inspiration. You can see how they do things and perhaps gain some inspiration on what your blog may include. It would also be a good idea to consider checking out sites that are within your niche. So if beauty is what you are doing then checking out Zoe's helpful site, could be a great inspiration. Or if you are into your writing then perhaps searching on google for some of the best blogs around in regards to your niche would be helpful. Like I said earlier, a blog is a personal thing, so make sure you still strive to make your presence stand out.

Get some experience

If you are hoping to turn your passion into something that might earn you money, then a great tip is to gain some experience. This might mean offering to review products for free to showcase your work and style. Or it might mean offering to write editorial content, again to gain the experience. While no one should undervalue themselves, sometimes it’s hard to be noticed in a sea of other people trying to do the same thing. Having a portfolio highlighting what you do, and what your passion is a great way to start.


Sell your own products or services

Finally, you may have got to the stage where you can start advertising what is you have been working towards for so long. Maybe you have developed a product that could now be made available for sale. Or perhaps your writing has been acknowledged, and you are able to now be commissioned to create articles and editorial content. This is where you need to keep up the momentum. The social media following you will have worked hard to create will be an excellent tool. As will creating a site advertising your products and services. Many people use their original blog and extend it from there. Many themes within wordpress and blogger will support an e-commerce shop.


Consider your brand

Finally, now is the time that you will need to consider your brand. This is where your niche will shine through. From your product, to your blog, to your advertising content and social media updates. They will all need to have an element of a similar style and look. This is known as creating the brand. Some people take advantage of colour schemes when it comes to this, or perhaps editing photos in a particular way each time. Instagram is handy for this when it comes to the amount of filters available. This is where checking articles out online will advise you on the best way to expand further to improve your reach. Hopefully turning what was just a passion now into a fully fledged business.

I hope this has inspired you to look at your passions more closely and see what you could do with them. The sky's the limit.

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