Monday, 1 August 2016

The best ways to keep up with household maintenance

Maintenance around the home, from cleaning up and doing chores, to doing repair work on dated appliances, can seem like a grind. It doesn't have to be however. In fact, there are a few ways to keep up with the household maintenance, to ensure your home always looks great, and to ensure things are always in order around the home, even if your time is limited. These are a few of the best ways to keep up with household maintenance, no matter what that maintenance entails.

Make a list -
And check it twice (or regularly). Make a list of chores, and simple make the time to do it. Place the list on your phone, on the refrigerator, on the mirror, or somewhere you will see it. Accountability is key. When you hold yourself accountable, and are accountable to others, you are more likely to do things, and keep up with them as well.

Make dates -
Basically, maintain based on necessity. When making your list, make it by date. What has to be done daily (dishes, cleaning, etc)? What has to be done weekly (laundry, gardening, etc)? What has to be done monthly (repairs, fixing broken items, etc)? By creating dedicated time slots, not only will you avoid letting things go, but you will also keep maintenance at a minimum, as well as repair costs at a lower rate.

Use the seasons -
Sure, spring cleaning is something we all do. But, it isn't only once a year where you should clean out your closet. During the winter months, check the hvac system and coils, to ensure they are fully functional for the warm months. During the summer, have a hvac tech check your coolant, do flushes, and perform filter cleaning and checks. Doing things seasonally ensures you will get everything done around the home, and it also helps you keep up with the maintenance of appliances and other items you typically forget, which will also ensure no major damage and repair costs down the road, simply because you didn't keep up with scheduled routine maintenance a few times during the course of the year. Sometime it is not always best to try and do some household jobs on your own. It might be best to try and get a local tradesman to come and help you with the job which needs to be done.

It takes practice and will take some getting used to. But, these are a few simple things you can do, which do not require too much effort from you, to ensure you properly maintain the home, appliances, and ensure proper upkeep, no matter what time of the year it may be.

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