Thursday, 11 August 2016

Keeping Your Home Cool: Everything You Need To Know

It’s so hard to keep cool at home during hot weather. It can affect your sleep and can cause the whole family to be unhappy. A lot of people just open the windows, but it won’t cool down the home. Here is everything you need to know about how to keep your home cool during hot weather.

Choose cotton bed covers

One way you can keep your home cool during hot weather is by choosing cotton bed linens. A lot of people go for satin or silk sheets when styling their bedroom, but they will cause the room to be hot. It will mean you will struggle to get proper shut eye at night time. You need to be choosing cotton bed covers as they are breathable, and will ensure proper ventilation and airflow in the bedroom.

Consider getting air con installed

Another thing you need to know about keeping your home cool is you need to consider getting air con installed. It can instantly cool down your home when you put it on for a couple of hours. It will stop your family sweating in the night. And it can ensure there is proper ventilation as the cold air moves through your home. It also stops insects coming into your home if there is colder heat. You can also adjust the temperature in the night if you don’t want it to be too cold. You can look online to find good companies who will fit different types of air conditioning units. Get a price from a couple of different contractors to find the best price for you.

Keep the lights off in the home

You can also keep your home cool by making sure you leave the lights off in the room. Light bulbs give off heat so they can make your room even warmer when it’s hot. Therefore, keep them off when they are not necessary so you can keep the room cool. Take advantage of natural light instead.

Use the oven less

Another way to keep your home cool is to make sure you are using your oven as little as possible. Using the oven can heat up the home and will make you sweat even more when it’s hot. You should try and make lighter meals during the summer which don’t require the oven. Also, take advantage of the hot weather by having more BBQ’s outside so the heat stays out there. As this article says, if you do need to cook inside, cover hobs so there is less indoor humidity. Also, open the back door and turn on your oven hood so that the hot air flows outside!

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Keep blinds and curtains shut

You should also keep your home cool by keeping the blinds and curtains shut during the day. It will stop the sun’s heat getting inside the home if you do have them shut. If you do leave the curtains open, when the sun hits the window, the hot air will get inside your home and make it even warmer!

Remember to make sure you are drinking enough water in your home to stay hydrated in the hot weather!

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