Friday, 15 July 2016

Summer fashion tips

Summer fashion tips
You want to look your best this summer. Bikini season, time for the beach, date nights, and nights out on the town with friends. These are a few summer fashion tips to consider, so you do look your best, regardless of whether or not you are in the best shape of your life, or have the money to spend on top designer name fashions.

Sizing -
During the warmer months, your feet tend to swell up. And, you are going to be wearing sandals and summer shoes often. So, when shopping for shoes, go with a 1/2 to a full size larger than you typically wear (especially if you only plan on wearing the shoes during the summer). It will avoid the discomfort, as well as the sweaty, sticky feeling you typically get during warmer days.

Know your fabrics -
Sure velvet and suede look elegant and pricey, but do you really want to sweat all day long wearing them? Go with lighter cottons, lighter colours, and know which fabrics to invest in, when purchasing clothing during the summer months. Lighter, airy, cool materials are the best bet when shopping for your new summer wardrobe.

Reinvent it -
If you simply can't afford a new wardrobe, reinvent what you already own. Make an effort to recreate, to duplicate, and even to invent your own fashions and styles, with the articles of clothing you already have laying around at home, and haven't worn in some time. You'll be surprised at how new something extremely old can look with a few minor adjustments.

Sometimes summer can be really expensive if you are going away with your friends or even family. So getting some new clothes can be daunting if you don't have the spare money at the time. There are various ways of getting your hands on the items you are after for your holiday. For example many online catalogues offer different finance options, from buy now pay later to spread the cost. You will have to shop around and find the approved catalogues company which suits you.

With summer already underway, these are some simple summer fashion tips anyone can make use of, to look their best, and feel their best, regardless of the events and festivities they plan on attending during the coming months.

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