Thursday, 14 July 2016

Stop Sabotaging Your Healthy Lifestyle

Having a balanced and healthy lifestyle is important. It makes you look better and feel good. But it's easy to sabotage your own progress. Read on to see if you can do something about this problem in your own life.

Eating too much of the wrong fat

Everyone knows that eating too much fat is a bad thing. Otherwise, there wouldn't be low-fat products on the market, right?. But fat gets a bit of a bad wrap. Actually, it's only the bad saturated fat that we should cut down on. Saturated fats are present in meats and full-fat dairy products, and these are the things we should be looking out for. Cut the fat off your meat so it's nice and lean and switch to low-fat dairy. That way you’ll still get all the calcium you need for strong bones, without the weight gain.

Eating too little fat

Now, some people have trouble with this. They've been told that 'fat makes you fat' all their lives, and just cannot bring themselves to eat high fat foods. But the crazy thing is that some high fat foods can actually help you to lose weight and stay healthy. The unsaturated fat in avocados, nuts and oily fish are much more easily broken down by your body. They provide oil to keep your joints healthy and even help you body to metabolize bad fats. So it is essential that you include these in your balanced diet.


Picking the wrong exercise

Another way you can sabotage your healthy lifestyle is to pick the wrong sort of exercise. Training needs to be fun for you to keep your motivation up. If you are just doing it to be healthy and not because you enjoy the activity in and of itself, you are on the road to failure.


If you get bored at the gym quickly, why not take a dance or martial arts class instead like krav maga? Active classes will get your heart rate up and burn calories. The bonus is that you’ll be so busy trying to get the moves right you’ll forget all about the fact that you are exercising.

Cheat days

Another way that many of us sabotage our health lifestyle is to eat really well during the week and then have a cheat day at the weekend. While it is a good idea to have some points in the week where you are a bit more relaxed with your eating, having a whole day is a recipe for disaster. You end up focusing all your cravings into that single day of the week, and it becomes really easy to binge and not eat normally. This will sabotage your weight loss and also makes it so much harder to get back to eating properly the next day. Take a treat meal once or twice a week instead.

Working past your fitness level

Another healthy lifestyle killer is working oast your own fitness level. There a lot of talk out their about training to failure, where you work until you just can't go on. But actually, that's a lot of machismo rubbish. Yes, you should be trying hard in your workouts. But if you over exert yourself you open yourself up to injuries will stop your healthy lifestyle in in tracks.

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