Friday, 29 July 2016

So, You're Thinking About Getting a Tattoo?

Despite the fact that one in five of us in the UK now have at least one tattoo, when you tell people you’re considering getting one you might not get the response you were hoping for. You might hear warnings and cries of ‘you’ll regret it when you’re older!’ although research has shown that actually, most people don’t regret their tattoos.


Of course there are exceptions to the rule- those who have opted for DIY Indian ink tattoos, misspelt quotes and childish design choices are always going to be thankful for tattoo removal services. But just because others have made poor choices and come to regret their body art doesn’t mean that you will too, if you go about it sensibly. The decision to get your skin inked is a serious one, so before you go ahead check out these points first.

Don’t Make a Snap Decision
You’re much less likely to regret your tattoo later down the line if it’s something you’ve put some proper thought into, and mulled it over for a decent amount of time. Think about now and the future, will you still be ok with your tattoo when you’re older and body has changed? If you have even the slightest doubts it’s ok to wait, you should feel fully ready and confident about your decision by the time you sit in the tattooist's chair.

Think about design
Choosing something meaningful (as opposed to a design that you like because it’s trendy right now) means that later down the line, it will still be a special piece even if your tastes eventually change. That’s not to say you can’t just go for something that you love the look of it, but it’s just worth being aware that your style in ten years time is likely to be different to it is now. Spend time researching lots of different designs and ideas online, and think about the size, colours etc.

Think about placement
It has become more common and accepted to see tattoos in workplaces these days, however they can still be frowned upon in some places of work or even be cause for dismissal. And so this is something to be aware of if you’re considering a tattoo in a visible area, such as your neck or hands. If you choose somewhere that’s usually hidden by clothes you have the option of easily covering it if you need to.

Choose a Good Tattooist
When you’re getting things like tattoos and piercings done, choosing the right place is SO important. With the risk of scarring, infection and transmission of disease you will want to check that the tattoo studio and tattooist is of excellent standard. You can check with your local council to find out if your tattooist is registered and licensed, if not they’re acting illegally and could cause you serious harm. You should always look through the work of the tattoo artist you plan on using, to make sure their work is a good standard and in a style you’re happy with.


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