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Simple tricks for the perfect cat eye makeup

Simple tricks for the perfect cat eye makeup

‘You have to be calm, cool and collected around liquid eyeliner because it can sense fear.’
This quote explains all the tricks that you need to have the perfect cat eye makeup, but of course, we need to elaborate to avoid wobbly, crooked and uneven eyeliner.
The first trick is that you should always start with the delicate eye. It could be your right eye or left eye, depending on your right or left handedness. Once you are done with the delicate eye, you can reflect the eyeliner on the easier eye. Make sure you lean your elbow on a table, to prevent your arm/hand from shaking. If you can use a pencil liner more steadily, use it before applying liquid eyeliner.

The next trick is, always go for matte black eyeliner. Lighter shades usually do not give the desired look. You must start by placing a dot on the outer corner of your eye that would signify the extent of your wing. Now start applying the rest of eyeliner. Start it from the middle. Extend it to the inner corner of the eye and then the outer corner. Once you are done with the entire eye, you’ll have an idea whether the placement of your previous dot is correct or not.

Use scotch tape if you can’t figure how to draw a proper winged liner. Yes, this trick will come handy when you are in a hurry. Take an inch length of the scotch tape. Apply it diagonally from your lower lash line towards the temple. Now you have a clean angled line.
If you think your brush might slip over the skin when lining the upper lid, hold the skin taut by using a finger of the opposite hand. If you are shaky on the application, try lining the eye with dots first, then connect them. Highlight the proper shape of your eye by outlining the entire eye and you have a bolder look.
Two monotonous tricks right? Well, let’s make it interesting; as you read the tips/tricks, start following them. Check for yourself, they actually work. Okay, so the next trick is for those who use powdered eye shade to have the cat eye look. It’s a simple one. All you need to do is use a soft brush to extend your lash line. This will give you a highly natural look. You might want to dampen your brush a little to give it a sharper look.

Sometimes, the liquid liner gives you a very messy look. Make sure that the brush is not too wet. If it is, then the brush may be too wet. To reduce the wetness of brush, run it along the back of your hand first, to remove the extra product and then apply it on eyes. This way you will ensure neatness and sharpness. You might think that the perfect eyeliner applied on Kylie Jenner’s eyes was used in one great flick of the wrist, but it’s not true. Yes, you have to move slowly and retrace your lines to get the perfect wing without making any mistakes.
Another tip that I have personally tried is applying a very thin coat of mascara before lining my eyes. The layer of mascara helps in slight stiffening of lashes, which allows the liner brush to rest somewhere, making tracing a lot easier. But in case your liner goes astray, you need not worry. Always apply concealer to clean the little mess and blend it with the rest of foundation. Do not use water or petroleum or any other sort of lotion to remove the eyeliner. You will end up having panda eyes. If you have a skin-colored liner, you can apply it over the smudges. The point that you need to remember is never to wipe off and start over again.
Lastly, you line your waterline with white liner to make your eyes look bigger. Highlighting the inner corner of your eye adds similar effect and makes your eyes look brighter and bigger.
I guess that’s enough for today. I hope you will try out these tricks to line your eye like a pro. These cat eye makeup hacks are a must for all women. Try them and look beautiful!
About Jennifer Kurtz:
Jennifer is a fashion stylist, lecturer and contributing editor of eye makeup brand. With a vast experience in beauty tools and accessories design, she turned into the creative side and has been named as one of the top fashion blogger. Mountain is in her heart - a passion for mountain climbing.

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