Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Nightmare Skin Issues And How to Fix Them Fast

Your skin can be a little more temperamental than most people imagine. In fact, there are plenty of different factors that can affect your skin. Strong and constant sunlight can damage it. Different foods can make it greasy or change the color completely. Allergic reactions can cause your skin to burst out in a rash or spots. All of these things can be a nightmare when you want to look your best. Let’s look at some of the biggest issues with our skin and the solutions to fix them, starting with the big one.

Adult Acne

There are plenty of people who think that acne is a problem confined to teenage years. Not true, you can get acne at any age all the way up to eighty. Some children are born with the spots on their skin, often due to an allergy to milk. Or, something that the mother has been eating. If you’re dealing with adult acne, it can be a real confidence killer. The good news is that there are a few fixes you can try.

The first is your diet. You should always start off by thinking about your diet. Certain foods cause the development of acne. For instance, you want to avoid foods that are high in sugar or fat. Both have been known to cause people to break out. It makes the skin greasy, and greasy is the common cause of spots.

Then there’s your hair. If you don’t wash your hair every day, you are going to have natural greases. This is good for your hair and bad for your skin. My advice is to wear a hairband or keep your hair up off your face on days where you don’t wash it.

Finally, you can consider laser treatment, but this is a severe pollution and does not offer a permanent fix. Changing your diet is your best bet.


Eczema isn’t always as bad as acne because it doesn’t always present itself in a seeable area. However, it can be just as irritating and again, it could affect your confidence. Particularly, if it’s on your neck or wrists. Two of those most problematic areas for this condition. There're lots of treatments for eczema and psoriasis, a common form, such as ointments and gel. Most eczema will clear up in minutes, or days. It doesn’t have to be a permanent blemish on your skin.


You may go through your whole life, never having to deal with milia. It depends on your genes. Milia are little white spots that develop around and underneath the eye. Usually, they are very difficult to notice. However, in some cases, they can be quite large and alter the complexion quite drastically. In this case, you’ll want treatment. The best treatment available is a steam. Steaming your face once every two weeks in a sauna will quickly diminish your milia. It will break up the tough substance that they are made of, meaning they can be quickly removed. The only other option is precision surgery.

I hope you find this info helpful!

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