Thursday, 21 July 2016

5 Home-Made Beauty Product Recipes For A Healthy Lifestyle

With more of us leading a healthy lifestyle now, we're becoming more aware of what we're putting into our bodies. But, people are now starting to think about what we're putting on our bodies as well. Lots of beauty products can contain chemicals and toxins that may actually cause damage and affect our health, so fresh ingredients and organic products are becoming more popular.

Here are a few homemade and natural recipes for everyday body treatments that we use on a daily basis to try.

Face Mask
This hydrating face mask is great for moisturising and revitalising your skin. The strawberries are rich in vitamin C and acids which will exfoliate. The honey and mayonnaise moisturise deeply and leave your skin feeling silky soft!
8 large strawberries
3 tablespoons organic honey
1 tablespoon mayonnaise
Mash up the strawberries and mix in with all the other ingredients. Apply all over your face and leave for 20 minutes, then wash off with warm water.

Eye Make-Up Remover
This make-up remover can be used all over your face, but it's really good with cotton pads swiped over your eyes.
3 tablespoons jojoba oil
3 tablespoons witch hazel
3 tablespoons water
Mix these all in a little pot, make sure you shake well before use. Dip cotton pads in and wipe over face and eyes.

Deep Hair Conditioner
Avocado is so popular now in the healthy eating world. The oils and proteins are claimed to make it a perfect ingredient to many meals, but this can also be used in beauty products. This mask will leave your hair feeling soft and stronger, without being too heavy and greasy like some store bought hair masks.
1/2 ripe avocado
1 tablespoon olive oil
2 drops peppermint essential oil
Mash all the ingredients together in a bowl and stir until combined. Shampoo and towel dry your hair, and apply all over. Leave it all on for up to 30 minutes and wash it all out thoroughly.

Razor Burn Soother
Razor burns are caused by shaving too often, with a dull blade or too closely to the skin. It is avoidable by using a fresh blade, and not shaving the same skin too often. But, during the warmer months when legs and armpits are on show a lot more, we do tend to shave a lot more often. This homemade soother will help to calm the sore and irritated skin that this can cause.
1 tablespoon melted coconut oil
1 tablespoon chickpea flour
1 teaspoon turmeric powder
Mix these ingredients together and apply to the sore area of skin, be careful around sensitive areas though! Leave on for a few minutes and wash off. If the skin is extra irritated, try applying some aloe vera gel afterwards.

Hot Oil Hair Treatment
Hot oil treatments are great for hair that is feeling a bit dry and frazzled. There are a variety of oils you could use; jojoba, almond, olive and castor being a few, but this combination leaves your hair with a delicious scent!
Rosemary essential oil
The amounts will differ depending on your hair length, but you'll only need a couple of drops of essential oil. Make sure the oil is all melted, and apply to dry hair. Wrap the hair in a towel and keep it warm, this will allow the oils to penetrate deeper. Leave for at least an hour, and make sure it's all washed out thoroughly.

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