Tuesday, 5 July 2016

5 Essential Wishlist Travel Locations

There are so many places that I have yet to visit. This post will be about some of those places and what fun things I could do when I got there.



Portugal has good weather with plenty of sun. Their food is fantastic too.  In particular, check out the speciality there known as Portuguese tarts made with an egg custard! There are lots of beaches to explore especially around the Azores Islands and probably some time for some sunbathing too. Another thing that is a must do is to see the Whales that swim in the ocean off the Azores Islands. There are a few Azores whale watching companies to choose from. It’s vital that you make sure you pick a company that is responsible for its treatment of the marine mammals there.  


Iceland is one of those places that is full of mystery. Covered by snow in the winter, with a population of around 300,000, it can be a wild and barren place. Check out which season to visit in before you go as sometimes they have very few hours of dark unless you don't mind being up all night.  While you're there, visit the capital Reykjavik and the famous Blue Lagoon thermal lagoon. You can also stay in little farm type residences out in the countryside. The best thing about them is that have hot tubs, perfect for watching the northern lights in comfort.



Even though the political situation in Egypt is difficult at the moment, it is still somewhere to consider, once things have calmed down. There is so much history there to soak up. Visit the Pyramids in Giza and the Valley of the Kings. Work on your bartering skills in one of the traditional markets. Or snorkel with the multitudes of fish in the natural coral reef that is right off the beach in the Sharm-El-Sheikh Area. If you’d like to combine these activities it is possible, but be aware you will need to take a flight from Sharm to Cairo and you will also need a visa to do this. Make sure you check your government's safety advice before travelling to Egypt.


Belgium is a country bordering France, Germany and the Netherlands. They are famed for their food including delicious chocolate and chips. They are also renowned for their excellent beer. While a trip here may not be the best for the waste line, there are lots of interesting things you can do. Try a visit the capital Brussels and marvel at the beautiful architecture of the royal palaces.


Further, afield we have the Islands of Japan. A land of contrasts, you could head into the countryside for bamboo forests, peaceful lakes and to try a traditional Onsen bath. Or you could head to Tokyo and live it up in this bright and vibrant city. Check out the crazy street fashions, and pick your food by pointing at plastic models of it in shop windows. Then head down to Electric Town for a killer bargain on some high tech gadgets.

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