Wednesday, 1 June 2016

The Secrets to Combining Modern and Vintage Decor

Choosing just one design style for your home is difficult. There are so many different styles and periods to choose from that it can get confusing. But if you like lots of different things, there's no need to stick to only one theme. For example, if you enjoy both vintage and contemporary decor, you can combine the two. However, executing this isn't as easy as throwing together some different things you like. You need to think about how you're going to combine modern and not-so-modern pieces and styles to create a coherent look. Try using the tips below to get started.

Find Similarities Between Old and New

Just like with fashion, interior design trends can come back around. Even if they have evolved, you can still see the same styles cropping up decades later. In many ways, vintage is modern because there's always a trend that has started to re-emerge. If you want a home that mixes old and new, start by spotting the similarities in the styles you like. You can easily find the ways that newer trends borrow from older ones. For example, you can recognise some of the colours and shapes from mid-century modern furniture in items designed today.

Look for Vintage-inspired Items

Finding genuine vintage items can be a great way to inspire your interiors. However, sometimes you can look at vintage things, and they're a bit too old. You want to borrow the best elements of vintage trends without having the old-fashioned parts too. If you like both vintage and modern, try looking for "vintage-inspired" items. They can have the look of something older, but they've been given a more modern edge. For example, you could check out some of the items by Arteriors. You can find everything from chairs and tablets to pendant lighting to give your home a modern and vintage feel.

Find New Purpose for Old Items

If you do find a vintage item you like, you could update it. It might look a little worn-down or old-fashioned now, but there are things you can do to rescue it. For example, you could paint a piece of wooden furniture to give it a new look. You could take a vintage tabletop and attach a new modern base or legs onto it. Of course, something doesn't have to keep its original purpose, either. It might once have been a sewing machine table, but you could turn it into a desk. Use your imagination to turn something old into something new.


You can't expect a room to come together simply by adding anything you like the look of. Try moving things around to see what works where. You might be surprised by a combination that looks good because you didn't expect it too. If everything starts to look a bit hectic, you can remove pieces one at a time to see if you can improve it. If you have something that doesn't seem to fit anywhere, get rid of it.

Balancing vintage and modern can be hard, but you can do it. Try to start with a plan and everything will come together more easily.


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