Monday, 13 June 2016

Ways you can make money online

* Everyone would love a bit of extra cash floating around. Living is so expensive nowadays that I think that money is a struggle for everyone. There are loads of different ways to earn some cash on the side of your usual day job and in this post I wanted to talk about a few.

There are loads of competitions to be entered, whether it be in magazines, on TV shows or online.
A lot are free to enter, with great prizes to be won, so why not give it a go?

If you start your own blog you may be able to earn some extra cash through sponsored posts and advertising. But beware, blogging is hard work and it takes years to get to that level to be able to earn money so bear this in mind, it isn't going to earn you money easily.

Online surveys
Some online survey companies will pay you to simply fill out surveys. I have tried this in the past and found the money you earn is so low, especially for the time you put in to filling in surveys, it just isnt worth it in my opinion.

Online casinos
If your feeling lucky, try your hand at online casinos and lets face, it many people from all over the world enjoy a bet, whether it be the odd occasion (I know I like to place a few bets on grand national weekend, being from Liverpool and all) or if it is a regular hobby.

What better and easier way to place a bet than online. I recently came across this website online casino, based in Ireland, which offers everything you need if you like online casinos. They have reviews on all of the top UK betting companies including; Paddy power, Betfair, Ladbrokes and way too many to mention. They also offer online casino tips which would be great for a novice like myself. 

Do you like placing the odd bet? Or do you use sites like these regularly?


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