Sunday, 12 June 2016

Do You Want To Feel Confident? Here's Five Ways You Can

Confidence is something that can affect our lives. We either have oodles of it and have a positive life. Or we can feel less confident in our abilities which cause us not to do the things we want. A low confidence can stop us from going for our dreams through fear of failing. It can stop us from feeling good about ourselves when there is nothing to feel bad about. You don’t have to be over confident to get ahead. But just have enough confidence and self belief in yourself and watch how things can change. So I thought I would share with you five ways to get more confident in yourself


Think about your self image

What you think about yourself has a big impact on your self confidence. So if you are unhappy with the way you look or act then the only way to move forward is to accept it or change it. Self image can be anything from making more of an effort with yourself, down to changing things that cause low self-esteem. The things that most people find that they lose confidence in is their weight and cosmetic things like teeth. All of which can have a positive effect when you do something about them. With many things, like teeth, for example, you can straighten by using Invisalign clear aligners. You can whiten by using specialising procedures or toothpaste. You can even enhance them completely by adding veneers. With things like weight, it can be as easy as implementing a lifestyle change. You just have to decide to make the change.

Change your mindset into something more positive

Your mindset can play a big part in how confident you feel in your ability to do things. Someone who feels confident about themselves will do better than someone who thinks they are destined to fail. Which is a negative thought process. It can feel like a big hurdle to tackle but changing your mindset is easier than you think. It's all about making little changes and turning every thought into a positive one. You will find that after a while you automatically do it.


Accept that what you see isn’t what everyone else sees

What you see when you look in the mirror is probably not what the person next to you sees. Take comfort in that thought. You will always be super critical of your looks. From how you smile right down to the wrinkles or frown lines, that appear. But what you hone in won’t have even occurred to the person looking at you. Accept that and be confident in it.

Know your strengths and step out of your comfort zone

Sometimes taking some steps out of your comfort zones and taking risks can be all you need to feel more confident in your ability. I can feel like a huge challenge initially, especially when you feel low on confidence. But the confidence you can feel when you succeed and overcome the challenges can make such a huge difference.

I hope these tips help you get more confident.

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