Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Tips For A Holiday In Marrakech This Summer!

A lot of people have heard of Marrakech in Morocco (or sometimes known as Marrakesh) but haven’t been there on holiday. However, it is an exciting holiday destination that you should visit in Summer, with so much to see and do. Here are some tips for a holiday in Marrakech.

You need to go shopping

If you love shopping, then you will like going on holiday in Marrakech as there are so many markets and shops for you to visit. As Time Out reveals, Moroccan clothes are a popular trend with fashionistas, and even celebs such as Kim Kardashian wear the style. You will find some beautiful kaftans in the boutiques that are one off’s, and will cause your friends to be very jealous of your new clothes. You will find some gorgeous shawls and bags which are great to accessorise with your outfit. Or you could even take them back home as presents for your friends. Don’t forget to visit Ensemble Artisanal in Marrakech, which has many unique gifts for your friends and families.

Pick somewhere in the heart of Marrakech

Another tip you should know about going on holiday in Marrakech is to choose somewhere to stay which is in the heart of the area. That way, you can explore Marrakech conveniently and be able to enjoy the famous sights. It will also take less time to get to from the airport. And it’s also safer to stay in the centre as you will be around other tourists.

You need to have a glass of orange juice

One tip you should know if you visit Marrakech is that you should drink a glass of orange juice. You will find many stalls and restaurants selling orange juice because of the many orange trees which are situated around the area. As this article reveals, it’s so refreshing, and you will love the flavour so much that you will go back for more. And in the hot weather (it can get hot in summer), it’s a good alternative to water to satisfy your thirst.

Take a caleche ride

Another tip for your holiday in Marrakech is to go on a caleche ride which is a horse and carriage ride. While you are walking around the area, you will see them in the midst of all the traffic. It’s a unique way of seeing the area and is fun for all the family. Remember to ask how much it is before you do head off on the journey, as some do try and rip you off, especially if they see you are a foreigner. You should barter them down and then you will enjoy the journey more.

Go and visit El Badi Palace

You can’t visit Marrakech without visiting some of the history of the area. You should visit El Badi Palace, which was once home to a sultan. The ruins of the 16th-century Palace are worth a visit, and there is even a museum where you can learn more about the history.

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