Tuesday, 31 May 2016

The Ultimate Guide To Looking After Your Skin

Modern day stress can really affect our skin. Pollution, air conditioning, wind, and sunlight can all damage the skin, making it look less than it’s best. What can we do to reduce and repair the damage to our skin? Having a great skin care routine can help.

Cleanse your face

The first step to glowing skin is to make sure you cleanse twice a day. Pick a cleanser that is right for the type and age of your skin. So if you struggle with dry skin, use a more moisturising cleanser. If your skin is oily, you will need to use one that is more astringent. As you get older, you may find you will need to use a product that is a richer formula. This will help to combat the signs of aging, such as dry papery skin.

Tone your face

The next step is to tone. Toning can feel lovely and refreshing on your face. Always use toner after you have cleansed your skin. Toner helps to close the pores that have been opened and cleaned, while using your cleaner. Using toner regularly can help your skin look taut and fresh.


Moisturising your face is a key step in your skincare routine. It is the moisture that goes to work repairing any damaging to your skin, plumping it and giving you that fresh-faced look. There are a  huge range of moisturisers to choose from. I like to use a lighter moisturizer in the morning, to go under my makeup. The other alternative here is to use a BB cream. In the evening, use a heavier night cream. This is where the magic happens. Applying the cream at this time, means it has all night to do its stuff, allowing maximum time for repairing and regeneration. You can also target problem areas in your nightly routine such as around the eyes. Use an eye cream to help plump out your laughter lines.

Of course, it's not just our faces that need moisturising, but our bodies too. Many people like to moisturise their whole bodies, while some stick the more problem areas of elbows, heel, and hands. There are many new body moisturising products on the market you can try. These include 24-hour creams and shower conditioning creams, which work like a hair conditioner but for your body!

There are also lots of specific products available for hand care and if you’d like some advice on which ones to choose, click here for some help.

A little extra help

The holy trinity of cleanse, tone and moisturise are not the only things that you can do to get the best out of your skin.

If you have a specific problem like cellulite or scaring there are things you can do.  For cellulite, you could try liposuction. If this is something that interests you, visit your doctors or skin care specialists and ask them to help. For scarring a nourishing oil may be enough to help.

Other things you can do to improve your skin are to eat a healthy diet, containing lots of fruit and vegetables. You also need to drink lots of water to stay hydrated to ensure your skin looks its best.



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