Monday, 23 May 2016

The Three Keys Of Adding Value On To Any Home

he changes you make to your home and what you want from it are a big deal. We all want to live in our perfect family home, after all. But what is it that decides which changes you make? Personal taste and accommodating your family’s needs are always going to be at the top of that list. But what about value? What can you do to your home to make it a better investment, as well as a better place to live?

Curb appeal
If you’re thinking about how good your house looks on the market, then you need think about basic advertising. The outside is the packaging, so it needs to be up to scratch. Garden’s don’t have to be elaborate and colourful to add curb appeal. They just have to be up-to-scratch. Lacking that sorry state of dilapidation that some homeowners let it fall into. It’s not just your gardens you need to be focusing on, either. How good the entrance looks can also play a huge factor. If you live in an area where it would fit, think of sprucing up your front door. Add a bit of colour, perhaps even some greenery hanging to the side of it.

The interior
Naturally, beauty needs to be more than skin deep when it comes to your home. It’s well known that a house can get sold on the basis of its kitchen and bathroom alone. There are a lot of ways to add value to your kitchen. This includes replacing your countertop with better looking and more durable materials like granite. Large appliances like fridges and washing machines should be updated, as well. It’s also the little flaws in a home that can put people off. Everyone knows that moving into a new home will take a little work of their own. If you can reduce it by keeping walls fresh and replacing cracked or scratched tiles on the floor, you’ll make a better impression.

Space galore
Beyond accounting for style, there’s one major factor of the home that you can change to make a real difference. Adding more space to it, as in real square footage, adds value. There are no two ways about it. If you can list a bigger home with more rooms, then you can ask for a bigger price. There are a few different ways to do it, as well. Not everyone can put in the money and work it takes to build an extension or a conservatory. If you have them, finishing a basement or converting your loft could be just as valid an option. Even if you can’t add more square feet, being smart with your storage and making your home look like it has more space is always a smart move, too.

There are only really three key factors to adding value to a home. Its ability to attract buyers, making sure it stands a closer look inside and the square footage it can offer. Take care of these three elements and you’re making a great investment in your home.

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