Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Small Changes, Big Impact: Updating Your Look

We all have times when we’re feeling a bit underwhelmed by our look or style. We may feel like we have nothing to wear, that nothing really suits us, or that we have lost some luminosity. But with a few strategic changes, you can instantly update your look.

Colour Your Hair

Whether we colour our hair at home or go to a professional, we have more options than ever before. The ombre trend means that we can have two colours at once! We can be darker at the roots and lighter at the ends or vice versa. We can choose shades of aquamarine or candy floss pink in the style of celebrities like Kylie Jenner and Katy Perry. But it is not necessary to take drastic steps unless we really want to. Even a subtle change to our hair colour can have a major impact on our skin tone, eye colour, and overall vibrancy. With good conditioning and quality formulas, colouring our hair can enhance the shine and appearance of the hair. If we’re blonde, we might consider going more golden or more ashy. We can be guided by whether the undertone of our skin is warm or cool. If we’re brunette, going a shade deeper or adding some balayage highlights keeps the rich tones but adds depth. Redheads can go super vibrant or choose to add a hue to make the red warmer or cooler. We can choose to do something major with our colour or just add a little dimension. Even if people can’t quite put their finger on what we’ve done differently, we’ll instantly look fresher.

Add A Piercing

Piercings are far more socially and professionally acceptable than ever before. Both males and females are choosing to have extra areas of their ears piercing. Or going with areas such as the nose, lip, or navel. This step may not be for everyone. Piercings involve an investment of time and upkeep to stay hygienic and sterile. We would need to investigate professional piercers and research risks ahead of time. But for the right person and style, a piercing can be a youthful, striking accessory. We can shop tongue piercing online or in specialised stores. We can find earrings and belly rings in many major suppliers. If we do choose to have a piercing, there are more ways to express yourself with one than ever before.

Add Colour Or Go Monochrome

Many of us are in the habit of wearing neutral colours. We gravitate towards black, grey, or white perhaps and rarely wear colour. Others may always be in a bold print or bright shade. Whichever you are, have you ever tried the other? Sometimes, simply putting on a shade we wouldn’t normally consider can change our mood and the impression we give. Monochrome can be chic and timeless. Colour can be youthful, fun and vibrant. If we’ve lost a bit of enthusiasm for our wardrobe, it may be time to try something we haven’t before. If you’re nervous about changing everything all at once, go bit by bit. Perhaps just add a pop of colour to a monochrome look. Or keep a brightly coloured look simple with a less colourful jeans or trousers, say. Whatever your style, it can be fun to be flexible.

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