Monday, 16 May 2016

Beautify Your Smile With These Tips & Tricks

I recently shared a post about how small changes can have a big impact on your look as well as your confidence. I thought that today, I would go down the same route and share a few tips for giving your smile a beauty boost. One of the first things we notice about people when we first meet them is their teeth, which is why it’s so important that our smiles impress. Our smiles play a big part in our appearance, which means that if they’re not as pretty as we would like them to be, this can seriously knock our confidence. The good news is that giving your smile a makeover isn’t hard to do, it just takes a few small changes.

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Get your teeth whitened

Whether you choose to whiten your teeth at home or have them done professionally, you’ve got plenty of choice about how you go about it. You can opt to go natural and use baking soda to lighten and remove stains on your teeth. This doesn’t work for everyone, but some people swear by it. Or, you could opt to use an over-the-counter teeth whitening gel or toothpaste that gradually removes stains. If you want a more professional treatment, you could always have cosmetic teeth whitening done. This tends to be performed with laser technology and is quick and painless. It’ll cost you, but it’s a great option for achieving a dazzling smile.

Steer clear of staining drinks

I know, I know, red wine and coffee are two of your favourite drinks, but they stain your teeth. The best option is to steer clear of them as much as possible to prevent staining from occurring. However, if you’re just too addicted to these drinks to quit them, there are some other things you could try. How about using a straw to drink your wine and coffee - iced coffee not hot coffee? Or what about swirling water around your mouth after finishing these drinks? Doing these two simple things will help to prevent your teeth from becoming stained.

Have any imperfections fixed

A cracked or partially missing tooth can have a big impact on the look of your smile. If you’ve got any imperfections - from cracks to teeth that are yellow and unable to be whitened, it’s worth having them fixed. One of the best ways teeth that are damaged can be fixed is with a crown, as these simply slot on top of the tooth. Plus, they look natural, making them a fantastic option. The only issue is that sometimes you have to wait months to get one fitted, unless you use a clinic that offers same day crowns, that is. Once any imperfections are fixed, your teeth and smile will look a lot better.

Straighten your teeth

Are your teeth a little on the wonky side? Are you embarrassed by your overbite? Then it might be worth considering having your teeth straightened. The idea of getting braces may not appeal to you, but metal braces are not longer the only option. Today, instead of ‘train track’ braces, you now have the option of invisible ones. Or, you could opt to use a retainer brace to straighten your teeth, instead of permanent ones. It might be a somewhat lengthy process, but if straightening your teeth improves the look of your smile, it’s worth doing.

Now that you know all the best ways to give your smile a beauty boost, you can increase your confidence and have a smile to be proud of.

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