Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Beautiful Ways To Capture The Milestones In Your Life

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Throughout our lives, there will be many special moments and milestones. One day you’ll look back on them fondly. We’re all used to snapping away with our mobile phones and sharing photos on Instagram and Facebook. But how many of those will you want to keep and refer back to? Out of the many thousands of disposable images, which ones will mean something in years to come?

The next time you have a milestone approaching, think about how best to capture the moment for posterity. Whether you’re planning a special birthday or moving to your dream home, think about how to record it.
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With advances in mobile phone cameras, we’re all becoming expert photographers. We’re used to taking photos and recording the everyday moments in our lives. We take pictures of our food, our outfits, the weather, etc. Before we publish them for the world to see, we edit and filter them to show our lives in the best possible light. These are fine for Instagram and social media. But for those important moments, we need something a little more advanced like the Panasonic Lumix DMC FZ1000. A professional digital camera will provide better quality photographs, even in low light. It will also take much better action shots.

Plan your photography before the event and make sure you have the right equipment. It needn’t be too fancy. A good camera and tripod may be sufficient. If you have access to the venue, work out lighting and position. Experiment with this on the day to get the best possible shot.

Photographs needn’t be posed. Walk around during the event and take some lifestyle shots. Capture people when they are relaxing. It’s likely that these photos will make the most interesting pictures.

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Videos are another great way of capturing moments. They can provide a wonderful insight into individuals and families for future generations. How wonderful would it be if you could watch a video and see your great-great-grandmother? How great would it be to hear her speak and observe her body language?

Like any content, videos can become lost or damaged. Make sure you store them carefully and keep a few copies.

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Learn Some Skills

To take great photographs and videos, a little skill is needed. Though you may have a natural eye for setting up shots, certain technical knowledge is also required. Consider taking some courses to improve your skills. A professional will teach you how to take the camera off the automatic setting and capture beautiful images. You will learn which settings to use in different situations. This will make all the difference in your photos and videos.

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We’re so used to taking photos that we often just leave them on our phones and computers. Select some of your favourites and print them out. There are lots of online services that will do this for you and send you the finished images. Create some albums and group photos together. Alternatively, invest in a photo book. You can upload your images and captions, and a beautiful bound book will be created to capture a special day or holiday, etc.

The next time you have a special event planned, think carefully about how you want to remember it in years to come. And don’t forget those everyday situations. Sometimes those are the days that prove to be unforgettable.

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