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8 Things You Need When You Move In Together!

Moving in together is a big step and you need to think it through properly before agreeing to do it. Consider whether you are happy to see him every day and whether or not you will argue all the time. It can make or break a couple as you get to see parts of them you may not have seen before. Bills and money can bring out the worst in people. It can be great though to live with your loved one. You get a new bed buddy and get to share your problems, as well as your happy times with them. Once you have agreed to live together and found somewhere you both like, here are eight things you need for your new home.

A sofa

One of the first things you should consider getting hold of is a couch for your lounge. You need somewhere for the two of you to sit when you are chilling out in the evening, and for your guests to sit when they come over. Consider paying for a brand new sofa which you can get that will last you for years. If you head to some of the top retailers, they have some good deals where you can pay over a year or two for the sofa. If you can’t afford a brand new sofa, why not ask family members if they have one spare. You can also look online on sites such as ebay.com where you could get a bargain on a decent sofa. Or you can even go for a hunt around the charity shops as you may find a good sofa that you can use. If it has marks, you can always buy a throw to put over the sofa or get some cushions to scatter on there.

A new bed

Another essential you need when you move in together is a bed. It’s good to buy one, rather than use one you already have because it won’t feel like it belongs to you both. As we discussed before here, it’s so important to choose a good bed as we spend over a third of our time in bed. Look in retailers and on online shops such as http://www.nightairbeds.com/sleep-systems/ultra-6-chamber-systems/ultra-6630-6-chamber-air-bed.html to find a bed. You can also look in second-hand stores and charity shops for a decent bed, but it’s important to buy a new mattress and sheets still for hygiene reasons.

A double wardrobe

You don’t want to have an argument over space for your clothes so it’s best to get hold of a double wardrobe which you can use in your bedroom. Both of you should try and sort through your clothes before you move in together as there is likely a lot of clothes you haven’t worn in ages. If you need more space, you could always get a set of drawers and fill it with your tops and underwear. As for shoes, why not buy a shoe rail which you could put in the hallway, or you could get a box and keep it under your bed.

A table and chairs

Another thing you should get hold of when you move into a property with your beau is a table and chairs. Unless you want to eat every meal on your lap, it’s essential for eating meals. It can be more romantic to eat together at a table and chairs, and it’s also ideal for hosting dinner parties. You may not have room for a table and chairs in your new place. There are some great foldaway options from shops such as IKEA, which can help you to make the most of the space.


You will want to spend time together when you move into your new property, but sometimes you just need to chill out in front of the television after work. It can still be romantic to sit together in front of the television together all cuddled up. It’s also good to have space otherwise, you will drive each other crazy. Therefore, you should get a tv for your new place so that one of you can go upstairs, or go out while the other watches their favorite shows. If you can’t afford one straight away, you could pay monthly instalments to pay off the device.

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Storage boxes

Another thing you should know when you move in together is that you will both have so many books and DVDs that will end up in a pile on the floor. To ensure your new place looks as tidy as possible, you should buy some storage boxes so that everything can be put away. Put it under the bed, in the loft, or even in the basement and remember where you put it. Before you move everything into the boxes, sort through your stuff to see if you could get rid of any old books and DVDs.

A spare bed

When moving in together, you should get an extra bed which you can use if you need some space from your other half. Arguments happen and sometimes one of you needs some space to clear your head. If you have nowhere to go, it can make arguments escalate. A spare bed is also perfect for when you have guests over to stay. If you can’t afford, or have room, to get an additional spare bed, why not look into getting a sofa bed.

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Cleaning tools

Cleaning tools are an essential you should get as soon as you move in. You will want to clean your new property from top to bottom when you first move in. Talk to your partner about sorting out a plan for cleaning so that it doesn’t end up in arguments when one of you doesn’t do it. Discuss which parts you would prefer doing and then make a promise that you will both stick to. After all, cleaning can often cause huge arguments between a couple.

You should still remember to spend time together as a couple even though you are now living together. Still go out on dates away from your home and remember you are a couple, not roommates.

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