Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Special Occasion Wear: What NOT To Do

If you’re lucky enough to have a special occasion on the horizon, you’re likely to be excited! Special occasions are a great opportunity to dress up, look great, and feel fabulous. They allow us to catch up and interact with friends. Do something new or mark the end of an era. But for all that is great about them, special occasions can make many of us anxious. The pressure of deciding what to wear is one of the most common complaints. Social anxiety follows closely behind but the two are often closely linked. If we feel confident and comfortable in the way we look, we are far more likely to feel socially at ease too. The last thing we want to do is arrive at an event and realise we’ve made any kind of mistake. More often than not, you will have a wonderful carefree time! But to maximise your chance of a stress-free evening, look no further than this “What Not To Do” guide.

DON’T Leave Anything To The Last Minute

We have all had times where something has come up unexpectedly and we’ve had to scramble to get things done. But usually we will be aware of a special occasion well in advance. Resist the temptation to put off thinking about it. This can be especially likely if we are nervous, but the more nervous we are the earlier we should start planning! If the date rolls around and we still haven’t chosen a dress or outfit, for example, we will rightly feel stressed. Leaving things until the last minute can also mean we make are more likely to make mistakes. Ordering online only for something to arrive too late or not fit us can be a disaster. Where possible, for special occasions it is always better to see an item in person. Visit boutiques and specialist retailers like Frox of Falkirk. Try on items and get a second opinion. Without feeling rushed or panic, you can make a choice for an outfit you feel genuinely excited to wear. It can take time, trial, and error to find an outfit that is perfect for the occasion and flatters your body type. Start your search sooner and you’re far more likely to have success.

DON’T Play It By Ear

If there is anything you are unsure about, it is crucial to ask. When you receive an invitation, don’t hesitate to follow it up with interests and questions. Clarify any details that are worrying you such as the dresscode, time, and venue. Ask for advice on transport or details of who else is going so that perhaps you can arrive together. Don’t feel like you are being irritating. Asking questions about the event just demonstrates that you care and are excited. Most people will be delighted to help. If you’re nervous or need advice on your outfit, say so! Being honest and candid can have very positive results. You may discover that other people are nervous too or even planning a group shopping trip. Get involved and feel your comfort and confidence rise.

DON’T Try Anything Radical

We have all been tempted to radically change our look, hair, or makeup before an event. It can be nice to add an extra edge like a fresh lip colour or some false lashes. But for anything more extreme, try to resist the urge so that you won’t feel self-conscious or have a disaster. Photos from a special occasion can linger for years!


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