Thursday, 28 April 2016

Help Your Parents Enjoy A Healthy Lifestyle Like Yours

Your parents may be talking about their plans for retirement. Maybe they’re making a bucket list of exotic places they want to travel to. Or perhaps they’re thinking about buying a holiday home in Spain. There are lots of things a retired couple can get up to. But few retirees consider their health in their plans. If you think your parents could do with a wake-up call about their health, here are some tips to help them:

People who are the same as our parents should still be doing plenty of exercises. They say if you don’t use it you lose it. And at that age, it could be true. Ageing can affect all parts of the body. But if you keep it active and mobile, it will have a better chance of staying that way for longer. Encourage your parents to take up sports and activities they may have enjoyed when they were younger. It’s also a good way to meet other like-minded people.

Some activities are suitable for those that are feeling the effects of a full life. Yoga and swimming are both gentle, yet work the entire body. Most importantly, they help improve the core and breath control. Yoga or Tai Chi can be done at home for free too. Not everybody who retires has a lot of money to spend on themselves. Your Mum may already be cutting back on fashion and beauty buys to prepare for leaner times.

If you think your parents may struggle when they stop working, why not encourage them to speak to a financial advisor? Maybe you want to help them find a way to retire a little earlier? If they own their home, it could be a good idea to check out a lifetime mortgage calculator to see if this is a way to provide them with the means for a more comfortable lifestyle in retirement. It could be a good way for them to raise money for exercise equipment and therapeutic services.

If you’re worried your parents could be eating a little better, why not cook them a healthy meal one evening? You can invite them over for dinner, and get them to sample some of your healthy recipes. As people age, they have different dietary needs. They may need fewer calories when they stop working. And bored people tend to snack more often! If you think your parents need a diet overhaul, introduce them to healthy snack options.

You should also encourage older relatives to drink plenty of water. It is thought that dehydration can cause confusion and even contribute to symptoms of dementia. Most importantly, water helps keep the body young and healthy. A good diet and hydration help us stay youthful and beautiful throughout our lives. It’s not easy to tell your parents what to do, but a few helpful tips can be a great way to start.

Worrying about your parents is natural as they age. It can feel like your roles are reversing, but that isn’t necessary. Instead, a few helpful tips can be welcome. Let them know you care.

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