Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Genius Beauty Tips You Must Tell Your Friends About

We all know it’s our duty to look after our best friends, right? That means looking after them when they have troubles at work, or need help moving furniture! It also means that we should pass on our best tip and tricks, including those in the beauty department!
With this in mind, here are a few genius beauty tips to learn for yourself, and then tell your friends about. Sharing is caring!

Mix Your Foundation
When you are transitioning between the winter months and the summer months, it can be hard to find your perfect foundation shade. This is especially true if you tan very quickly. Or, if after tanning, your colour fades fast! Save money on buying a brand new shade that you’ll only get to use for a short time. Do this by mixing your winter and summer shades together! Obviously, this will only work if they are made up of the same solution. So, liquid goes with liquid; mousse goes with mousse, etc. For a dewy, spring makeup look, add a drop of highlighter to your home-made mixture too. If you’re still having trouble matching the shades, sweep a suitable shade of powder over the top. This will bring the whole look together, and hold it in place on hot days too!

Give Your Lipstick Staying Power
Applying your lipstick with a brush- check! Using a good quality brand, that is well known for its ability to stay in place- check! Avoiding rubbing or touching your lips while wearing it- check! We all know these basic rules for getting our lipstick to stay on all day. But do you know about this one? After applying, lay a thin tissue over your lips. Then, over the top, dust some translucent powder. Magic!

Start Exfoliating With Mandelic Acid
It could be time you upgraded how you look after your skin. Acid might sound like a scary word when attached to beauty products, but in the right form, it can be incredibly effective. Take mandelic acid, for example. You might have already heard about it, but possibly not. It’s been a pretty well-kept secret. It has antibacterial properties, which makes it fantastic for giving you a clear and healthy look. This also means it is suitable for treating more serious skin conditions, like rosacea. Whatever you’re using it for, the results are also said to be more longer lasting than some alternatives. Bonus!

Ditch The Posh Lip Scrub
If your friends have been using lip scrubs to soften their lips, let them know about this beauty hack. It is just as effective but way cheaper! Whenever the finish brushing their teeth, whether morning or evening, tell them to continue for a few seconds longer on their lips. This will help to smooth them without the need for spending extra money. If they use a firm toothbrush, have them invest in a softer one or a baby brush. Doing this twice a day, every day, will keep lips soft and smooth all year around.

There are loads of other beauty hacks out there. Find your favourites and then try them out for yourself.

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