Friday, 22 April 2016

7th Heaven real 7/fake 7

REAL 7 vs FAKE 7

Around this time of year, people’s moods begin to change; and it all begins with a cheeky April fool. But none-the-less, why should we have to keep all our playfulness to one day? Baring this in mind, leading cosmetics company My 7th Heaven have decided to keep the fun coming and have used their creativity to develop a little light hearted game. Amongst their collection of skin care, hair care and foot care products are a wealth of face masks, hair masks and various other organic skin care products.
As a bit of fun, using the following ingredients, comment below as to which of the following are in My 7th Heaven skin care, hair care and foot care products and which ones aren’t.
Coconut Oil, Rubber, Mojitos Vanilla, Snail Gel Orange Essence of Anchovy, Watermelon, Acai Berry, Marmite Avocado, Dead Sea Mud, Chillies, Garlic

If you have any questions why not tweet them with the hashtags #Fake7 #Real7 @Ilove7thHeaven and they will give you some clues.

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