Monday, 11 April 2016

5 Easy Steps To Change Your Look

Sometimes I feel like a change, if only for a day. I think all of us can get a little bored with the same thing all the time. And isn’t it nice just to get out of your routine once in awhile? If you’re looking to change your look just to try on a new you, you’re probably looking for a quick and easy way to do it. After all, we all like to experiment with different ideas from time to time. Here are five easy steps to change your look:

You can dye your hair at home. Choose something vivid and vibrant to make a statement. Or maybe you just fancy something a couple of shades down from where you are now. That extra shine and fresh new tone may be all you need. Why not wear your hair in a different style? A messy bun or high pony could be a cute new look for you. If you’re looking for something a little more permanent, head down to your salon for a fresh new cut.

Most of us play it fairly safe when it comes to our makeup. Even if we wear a lot, we tend to wear it the same way each day. So why not go another way today? You can try heavier eyes with false lashes and extreme eyeliner. Or you could try shades in nudes that will make you look fresher and cuter than ever. It’s never the wrong time to dress your face in a new way. See how many double-takes you get at work!

Changing the size or drop of your earrings isn’t usually enough to say you’ve changed your look. But if you change the style of your jewelry, you can make it look like you’re following a completely new trend. Try something new to you like monogram rings or a street style necklace. You could try pearls or beads where once sat chains. How about adding a few extra charms to your bracelet?

Swap trousers for skirts, ankle boots for knee-highs, and vest tees for a plunging blouse. Whatever you normally do, ditch it for a day, and try on a completely different look. You don’t need to buy anything new. Just wear those things that are usually camping out in the back of your closet. The sort of things that only come out for formal occasions could be the new you for a day. Or go the other way. Mix and match some casual wear to see what might work for a fresh new look.

Figure Hugging
If you fancy changing your shape for a day, why not invest in some control underwear? There are pants and bras that can squeeze you into a whole new body type. This can change your contours, and even help you fit into that sexy little dress you’ve been holding out on. Tummy tamers can be hard to wear, but why not give it a go just for a day?

Changing your look can be great fun for a day. You can have fun creating a whole new character. Try one of these easy steps to try on a new you.

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