Tuesday, 12 April 2016

5 Bad Habits You Really Need To Get Out Of Right Now

In the fight to get slimmer, lots of us have found ourselves in some pretty dire situations. It’s never easy to lose weight, and sometimes we lose sight of the reasons for doing it. If you want to be fitter and healthier, weight loss isn’t the only thing you should be concerned with. It’s best to take a rounded approach to the problem. And it’s important to avoid getting into the bad habits that can become a bigger problem if they get out of hand:

Smoking acts as an appetite suppressant. This means you can comfortably get through a day without feeling hungry enough to eat a big meal. But the chemicals inside cigarettes are now known to be cancerous. The smoke also inhibits your body’s ability to use and process oxygen. You won’t be able to improve your fitness while you’re a smoker. Vaping doesn’t cause these problems. If you’re struggling to quit cigarettes, e-cigarettes could be the answer. And if you’re a heavy smoker, you can now buy premium vape mods to get even more from your electronic cigarette.

Drinking Alcohol and Using Drugs
We all like a drink at the weekend. But when it happens every weekend, and even midweek too, you may be drinking more than is recommended. And alcohol is addictive. You can easily fall into the trap of needing a drink. Alcohol dries us up, and that has an effect on our skin. It also slows down your responses, and a hangover will prevent you getting out there and exercising. And if you add drugs to the mix, there is no way to predict how your body or mind will respond.

Not Getting Enough Sleep
When you’re in the party mood, you might be tempted to skip your bedtime and carry on dancing to dawn. But if you have commitments the next day, you’re going to be tired. This can be detrimental to your mental health as well as your physical health. The body cannot heal or regenerate if you don’t sleep. And the mind can’t file away those essential memories correctly without you dreaming. Baggy, puffy eyes aren’t a great look for you either.

Exercising Too Hard
In the war against weight, it can be tempting to push yourself as hard as possible to burn off the extra fat. But exercising too much can be more dangerous than carrying a few extra pounds. You need to find a balance for your body that won’t leave you fatigued or prone to injuries. Be careful not to sweat yourself into dehydration. And remember that muscles need a day or two to heal if you want them to be buff and toned.

Not Eating Enough Food
Another common way for people to lose weight is to cut the calories. Once the hunger has subsided, it can be all too easy to keep cutting the calories down to dangerous levels. This can leave your body malnourished and weak. It can also have a detrimental effect on your mental state. After all, the brain needs glucose to function. Reduce your calories down to a healthy level, but never below about 1300 per day. Use an app to keep a check on how you’re doing.

Taking care of you is important. Stay healthy while you’re losing weight. Enjoy making gradual progress.

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