Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Underrated Ways To Look Your Best All Summer

The Summer time is when many of us feel our best. We are energised, motivated, and probably more positive. The warm weather and boost of Vitamin D from the sunlight always helps. Studies have shown that people are more likely to feel happier and sociable in the Summer too, so it’s not even all in our heads. It is easy to understand why we feel a little better. Our work commitments have often reduced. We may have more time to ourselves or even a holiday planned. But what if we want to look our best too? If we’re socialising more or going on holiday, it may be necessary to Spring clean more than just our home. Our looks might need a bit of a spruce up too. But don’t fret. With a few fun steps, you can look good and feel great in time to enjoy the Summer!

Invest In Skincare

The winter months can leave us with a tired and dull complexion. We’re all aware of the importance of sunscreen, even on overcast days when harmful rays can be just as strong. But what about our overall skincare regime? For optimal skin health, we need a cleanse, tone and moisturise routine than is suitable for our age and skin type. If we have oily skin, oil-free formulas and gel textures are better than a heavy cream, for example. If we have dry skin, stripping ingredients like witch hazel or salicylic acid are to be avoided. Rosewater and shea butter are gentler, nourishing alternatives. Many of us prefer to go lighter on the cosmetics over the Summer time. As our pores open in the heat, makeup can sit badly or even run. Better instead to wear a tinted moisturiser or even nothing at all. Opting for glossy lip balms and a slick of mascara is a better, more flattering option than a full flawless face.

Freshen Up

We naturally produce more perspiration in the Summer and one of the first places to show it is our hair. The roots of our hair can quickly become oily while heat can make the ends drier. Invest in regular trims and even a hair mask to nourish hair between washes. Spring and Summer can be a great time for a trim or style update. Browse magazines and celebrity websites like heightline.com for a bit of inspiration!

Get Out More

Summer is a time when we are naturally more inclined to spend time outdoors. Make the most of it! Beach walks, picnics in the park, and barbecues are all perfect ways to wile away a lazy summer afternoon. Even simply running errands on a warmer day seems more fun! Vitamin D is essential to our skin health and mood so catching a little sun can be healthy in small doses. Even on cooler days, fresh air boosts the circulation and brings a little life to our faces making sure we always look great.

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