Thursday, 10 March 2016

Painless Ways to Sort out Your Man's Wardrobe

Everyone feels like a change now and then, and in the Spring it’s more common than ever. As women, we tend to have a pretty good idea about the items that we like and dislike in our own wardrobe. We know what fits and what doesn’t. We know what is season appropriate and what is being stored. We even know if there is an item in there with sentimental significance! But what about our men? Many men can want to refresh their style and wardrobe but it is difficult to know where to begin. They’re not bombarded with the same amount of inspiration that we are. Many magazines and blogs give us tips and tricks on how to refresh our style, how to clear out, and the socalled “capsule” wardrobe. The thing is, many of the same principles apply. With the cooperation of our other half, we can make his wardrobe a fresh, inspiring feature of the room. He will know exactly what he has to wear and that it fits well and makes him feel great. With these easy tips and tricks, we can become our man’s own style guru.

Respect His Space

The first part of the process should always be to have his cooperation. If he’s not ready to refresh his wardrobe or feels it would be too much work, chat about how good he’ll feel afterwards and the ways you can make it simpler. It’s important to respect each other’s space so probably don’t make a start uninvited! You might throw out something important or wreck a system of organisation he already has! Take it slowly, talk openly, and work together.

Set Goals

As with any task that needs to get done, setting goals outright can make the whole process easier. It makes it easier to identify whether you’re making progress or whether you’ve gone off course. With big jobs or projects with many stages, this can be particularly important. Goals might include throwing away anything faulty or that doesn’t fit. It might be to have more space, or identify what is lacking in your wardrobe. Limit yourself to maybe five manageable goals and keep them in mind as you work.

Seek Inspiration

It can be easy to feel overwhelmed by the task in hand or underwhelmed by your own clothes! We might actually be amazed at how little we have left once damaged or ill-fitting clothing is disposed of. The key here is to make the whole process more fun by getting inspired. Pick up some magazines together like GQ and Esquire. Identify styles that he likes and make a list of what to shop for or what he owns that he could already use. It can also be handy to bring in outside help. Many stores offer a personal shopping experience, or even an online personal stylist. This can be a great way for your man to take control of his own style and wardrobe. He can really express himself through his choices and feel comfortable and confident whatever the occasion.

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