Tuesday, 1 March 2016

My Guide to Planning an Incredible Anniversary Date

If you’ve got a special anniversary coming up, why not celebrate it in style? Some couples aren’t too bothered about celebrating their anniversaries, especially if they’ve been together a long time. However, making time for each other and having fun on occasions like this can bring you closer together. Don’t get complacent! Here’s how to plan your incredible anniversary date:

Go Somewhere Brand New

Instead of going to your local or somewhere you’ve been before, go somewhere brand new. Enjoying new places together is the key to lasting when you’ve been with one another for quite a while. It’s how you inject excitement into your relationship and keep things interesting. Do some research to find an exciting place you’ve never been and head there for food and drinks. If one of you always decides on where to go, then let the other one decide for a change. You might both have an amazing time and be surprised.

Travel in Style

When you’ve decided where you’re going, why not travel in style? You could even hop in a Bergen Limo to take you to your destination. Alternatively, you could go on a tandem bike, get in a boat, or get in a helicopter. It all depends on what you’ve decided to do. Showing up in style is a wonderful idea  if you’ve chosen to have a party for your anniversary!  

Do Something Different

Why not think outside of the box entirely? You don’t have to go for an anniversary meal or stick with traditions. Do something different! Go hiking, hop in a hot air balloon, or stay in if you’re the kind of couple that always goes out. Don’t think that you have to celebrate your anniversary the same old way everybody else does. There are loads of ideas you can use if you just search online. You could even go paragliding, surfing, or bungee jumping. Use this occasion as an opportunity to get out of your comfort zones.


Leave Technology at Home

It can be difficult to get by without technology these days, especially when we’re so used to having it in our lives. It’s how we stay in touch with most of our friends, business associates, etc. However, your anniversary is a time when you and your partner should be prepared to give one another your undivided attention. Don’t just turn your mobiles off - leave them at home! Concentrate on enjoying one another’s company. It might just feel how you felt when you first met. How exciting!

I hope this guide has given you some great ideas on how to spend your special anniversary with your loved one. You might not do birthday presents or even celebrate Valentine’s day, but I think celebrating anniversaries is really important. Why wouldn’t you want to look back on the time you’ve spent together and commemorate it with something exciting? If you have any tips of your own that you’d like to share, leave a comment below. I’d love to hear them. See you again soon!

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