Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Do You Want Beautiful, Radiant Skin? Read This

Have you ever dreamed of having skin that looks clear, matte and free from blemishes? At some point most people have. Unfortunately, many of us believe that we just have to accept the skin we're in and there's nothing we can do to improve our glow. It seems like our only options are to cover up or to shut up.
However, this is not true. The skin is just another organ in the body. And like any other organ in the body, it is affected by the things that we do. So what things can we do to improve the quality of our skin?
Consume Less Dairy
It's now believed that one of the reasons why acne is such a problem in Western countries, but not in places like rural Japan, is because of dairy. In rural Japan, people don't eat dairy products beyond their mother’s breast milk. Yet, in the West, we continue to eat dairy because we're told that it provides us with essential nutrients like calcium. (We'll come back to this.)
The problem with milk, however, is that it is essentially a food designed to transform a 30 kg calf into a 500 kg cow. It's great for growing calves, but not so great for humans. One of the problems is that milk contains proteins that cause our growth hormones to go into overdrive. The result of all these hormones circulating in our bodies is an increased susceptibility for our pores to become blocked.
Scientists have published reviews reviewing all the studies that link dairy to acne (and cancer). They propose that the reason why something like 85 percent of Westerners gets acne is because of their consumption of milk. You can find out more at karger.com.
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Eat More Greens
So what are the solutions? The fact of the matter is that you don't need dairy products to meet your nutritional needs. Instead, you'll need to switch over to eating more greens for calcium, zinc and iron.
The great thing about greens is that not only do you get all the added nutrition, they actually help to reduce factors that lead to inflammation. And inflammation will show on your skin.
Greens, especially cruciferous veggies like broccoli and kale, contain sulphur containing compounds. These compounds actively protect the skin by reducing inflammation. This is why skin care websites, like iskinfab.com, are now promoting diet and lifestyle as part of any skincare regime. They're now as important a component of skin care as creams.
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Reduce Meat And Sugar
The two big problems with the Western diet are our obsession with meat and our addiction to sugar. Sugar gets a lot more bad press than meat, but both are bad for our skin.
Meat and sugar cause damage to our skin on the cellular level and this will show up eventually in the mirror. People that eat a lot of meat and sugar, for instance, tend to have more age spots and more wrinkles. The solution? Fill up on beans and whole grains and dramatically reduce the amount of meat and sugar that you’re eating. This will reduce inflammation and combat redness. And plant substances, like beta-carotene, will be incorporated into your skin over time, giving you a healthy glow.

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