Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Buying A House To Match Your Decor

When it’s time to move home but you want to keep all your decorations intact, you need to think carefully about what sort of house you’re buying. Buying a big, fancy modern home won’t fit with all those antiques you’ve got all over the place. Similarly, buying a nice old cottage and shoving it full of gadgets defeats the point of buying that house at all. When you’ve got nice deco, you have to use some logical thought before making any purchases.


Find Out The Dimensions Of Each Room

You know how it is. You buy that new house, get ready to move the $2000 couch in, and you find it won’t fit through the door. Either that or the bed ends up being too big to fit in the new bedroom you’ll be moving into. Even smaller bits of furniture and decorations are affected by the dimensions of the room. You won’t be able to stick to the same style, and things like cupboards and drawers might be too tight of a fit.

Plan ahead before you move and think about whether it’s a logical fit. It might be that the house is perfect, but the room sizes aren’t. Will you need to do some modifications to the walls? Put all of these considerations into your budget and see whether it’s still worth pursuing.


Be Ready To Throw Things Out

Let’s say that you’ve picked the perfect house. This is still a great time to analyse whether it’s worth throwing a few things out. You might actually look at the new walls and different spaces and like the look of them.

Don’t be so quick to put everything back how you liked it before. Give it a week-or-so with the basics and see what stands out to you. You’ll get frustrated with certain things fairly quickly if you give them a chance to irritate you. You can then install decorations as appropriate or even buy something new if you think the situation would suit it.


Is It Worth Building From Scratch?

If you’ve ever been house-hunting before, you’ll know that it’s rarely a simple thing to accomplish. There’s always something that’s not quite right. Have you thought about building from scratch? This is a great way to match your decor, and you’ll also be able to create something that you’ll love from the off.

The House Plan Shop offers lots of different house plans like cottages and two-story designs depending on what you’re looking for. You could modernize it or give it a traditional, cosy look if you wanted to. While it’s being built, you can get on with your lives and start planning for when you move. Get an idea of where you want your decor to go, and you’ll be ready to move in straight away when it’s ready.

Matching your new home to your current deco isn’t difficult, it just requires planning. Follow our tips, make sure you make informed decisions, and enjoy your new home!

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