Thursday, 10 March 2016

5 Incredible Experiences in Africa

The wonderful experiences and activities that Africa has to offer could fill an entire book. For that reason, if you’re considering a trip to Africa it can be easy to feel overwhelmed. Africa has outstanding natural beauty, thriving cities, breathtaking wildlife, and amazing cuisine. It is more or less impossible to summarise the good qualities of an entire continent, but some activities do stand out. Their enduring popularity and appeal is testament to their representation of the true flavour of Africa. Browse our suggestions below to immerse yourself in one of the globe’s greatest destinations.

1) The Mountains

Africa is home to the breathtaking Mount Kilimanjaro. Hiking, trekking, and walking tours are one of the things that Africa does best. This incredible continent is often best explored on foot, where possible. Knowledgeable and passionate guides are a must in order to stay safe, but the raw beauty and high peaks are an experience not to be missed. Be sure to include Mount Kenya and the Drakensberg Mountains of South Africa in your trip.

2) The Party Lifestyle

Africa is a continent of festivals and celebrations. Culture and history is so deeply ingrained in modern African identity that the locals celebrate both regularly. Some festivals and ceremonies are specific to ethnic groups or religions. But there are larger annual events that are especially suitable for visitors. The film, art, and poetry of Africa is often showcased and offers a deep insight into the history and culture of the Continent.

3) Safari Driving

A safari drive is one of the most iconic African activities and is popular with good reason. The stunning and majestic wildlife is genuinely world famous and has to be experienced up close. Choose reputable tours that value both your safety and the welfare of the animals, and you’ll make memories that will last a lifetime.

4) The Markets

The legendary markets and bazaars of Africa are an exhilarating way to immerse yourself in the local culture. You can find a wonderful, meaningful souvenir, sample the local cuisine, and marvel at the colour and vitality of the locals. The wonderful street food has many flavours and ingredients that will not be found anywhere else in the world. Markets are also the melting pots of all the individual cultures and histories that come together to make the African continent. The markets of Morocco are perhaps particularly famous, and finding a bargain can be an exciting experience. If you’re planning on bartering, be confident and assertive but with a good sense of humour!

5) The Beaches

The beaches of Africa can often be overlooked in favour of the desert or city life, but they are not to be missed. From the pristine stretches of white sand in Zanzibar to the shark diving of South Africa every beach has its own unique character. Some beaches are entirely free and open to anyone while others are luxurious private islands.

Whether you’re a sun seeker or a thrill seeker, Africa has something to suit you!

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