Thursday, 31 March 2016

5 Beautiful Things To Keep In Your Handbag

Do you ever empty out your handbag and find things in there from months ago? My worst experience has to be finding an old sticky Lockets sweet stuck to the bag liner. It must have been there at least a month! Perhaps one of my best finds when I cleared out a bag was a little note from my friend saying something sweet and uplifting. She must have slipped it in when I was having a bad time and needed a friend to talk to. So what’s lurking in the depths of your bag? Here are 5 beautiful things we should keep in there all the time:

Something Inspirational
I loved that cute little note from my friend. I like to read it every time I’m feeling a bit blue. Keeping a motivational quote in your bag that inspires you to push on is a beautiful idea. You can read it on the train, or maybe when you know you should be heading to the gym that evening! I love those little picture ones with the kitten hanging on to the branch. If something inspires you, keep a copy in your handbag.

Gorgeous Phone
Your friends and family are the most beautiful people in your world. And your main device should be just as gorgeous! I love the look of the Samsung S7, and the cases for it are amazing. Plus, it looks great in my handbag! You can compare s7 contracts to find the best deal to get you the phone you want. And with the right phone next to your ear you can look incredible while you natter with the ones you love. Best of all there is loads of memory for storing all your favourite pics.

A Mirror
Most of us have something reflective in our handbags. They’re great for checking the teeth after we’ve eaten, or touching up the lippy. But having a compact mirror in your bag is important for something else. And it’s probably the most beautiful thing in there - a reflection of you. You’re gorgeous, so embrace it. And it’s good to remind yourself that you are beautiful every so often too.

Makeup Bag
I love having all my favourite cosmetics organised and together. A beautiful makeup bag is a perfect thing for a handbag. It stops your eyeliner or eyebrow brush getting lost at the bottom of your bag too. You could opt for a hard case with integrated mirror. Many of them come with cosmetic products already inside. If you want to stock it with your own, simply take them out.

This last one is really for the outside of your handbag rather than the inside. Handbag charms are a great way to personalise your most precious item. You can also get purse charms if you prefer not to decorate your favourite handbag. You can choose a charm that represents your interests or hobbies. Musical instruments, dogs, and even lipstick charms are widely available. Or you might prefer something of sentimental value, like an angel or a baby.

Our handbags are with us all day every day. They contain all the most precious and valuable things we own. What’s in yours?

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